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Community Spotlight: Messages from a Qigong Master

Sep 01, 2018 12:00AM ● By Terry Chriswell

Debra Lin-Allen

Debra Lin Allen is a warm and softspoken woman, a 5th generation qigong healer with 40+ years of qigong training underlying her strength and wisdom.

At 2 years old, Debra had an innate understanding of the interconnectedness and clarity of life, so her Mother, a qigong healer herself, limited her interactions away from home so she would not be reconditioned by limited thinking. Her parents taught her that anything is possible and we are all powerful, and Debra took this to heart.

After her informal training while growing up, Debra was a patient advocate in legal arenas and corporate clinical educator, and eventually returned to the roots of her energy work in Denver. She gained formal training, knowing she needed to help people, but didn’t know how it would
turn out. She allowed a sudden loud inner prompting to give her employer one week’s notice, and her work launched in an inspired and connected way.

As founder and director of Chi Wellness, The Center of Qigong in Denver, Qigong Lifestyle® Coach, Medical Qigong Therapist and Qigong Teacher, Debra shares these three important messages: 

1. We can heal ourselves, she says; she has witnessed this with many people and pets with whom has worked. From a dog with poor immune response to a human with liver cancer, Debra helps to find the root of health issues which is most often emotional stagnation culminating into acute or chronic physical symptoms. 

Chinese medicine has long known that the root of healing is to free the soul from inhibition and repression; emotions are doors we are meant to walk through to join with our enlightened being and restore our self-expression. Debra says while conventional medicine’s experience is only around 250 years old, time-proven Taoist natural health practices (the basis of Chinese medicine) have been around for 40- to 50,000 years. Conventional medicine teaches us to manage, not heal; to survive, not thrive.

In qigong and feng shui, we pay attention to how our thoughts and emotions move us to either flow with or resist life’s natural rhythms. The body demonstrates the soul’s journey in the material world. If the body is experiencing a symptom, we must properly perceive the emotions that arise or are being repressed and identify the specific aspect of soul expression not being shared. Our organs’ state of vitality and function correspond to our state of mind and emotions. 

To heal ourselves and go on to enjoy graceful longevity, we must come to deeply understand the correspondence of our thoughts influencing our emotions and our emotions expressing themselves through chi movement to impact the health and functions of our body’s vital mechanisms.

2. Move with life.  Use trust and curiosity to address your illness. Debra says we are nourished by the essence of life always and we can ask Source for guidance for balance in health and lifestyle. Curiosity and creativity are necessary for life expression to thrive, they transform our circumstances, raise our consciousness, and bring our soul into communion with Source. 

3. Commit to living a long life to jumpstart progress into pristine health, joy and life balance. Clean eating is powerful medicine. Included in Debra’s 9-week qigong self-care course, Begin Your Qigong Lifestyle, is a practical introduction to Chi Nutrition which instructs on combining chi influences and biochemistry in everything we eat to restore health and enjoy longevity. Debra’s family recently adopted a whole food, plant-based diet that has dramatically improved cholesterol, triglycerides, cardiac and liver health, thyroid and metabolic functions, eliminated excess weight and enhanced cognitive function, mood and stamina in just a few months. 

Debra loves her work so much she says is never going to retire. Her passion for sharing qigong wisdom, especially the one-on-ones, is evident. She treats clients all over the world, including entire families— human and pet. She feels helping one another is the expression of what Oneness is--Love. Offering training in medical qigong and qigong instructor certifications, private Medical Qigong Therapy and Lifestyle Coaching in-person and remotely, as well as classes to start and deepen your practice and understanding of proper qigong self-care, Debra is embodying self expression and communion with Source.

Debra can be found at Chi Wellness, The Center of Qigong, at 4155 East Jewell Av., Ste
105, Denver. Contact her at 720.427.0406, [email protected] or see more detail at

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