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Mile High Natural Awakenings


Jun 01, 2019 03:43PM ● By Terry Chriswell
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What Else is Possible?

Modern humans have been around for 200,000 years, becoming “civilized” over the past 6,000 years as we learned to farm and grow our food. For 6,000 years, we have thrived and grown on this rich, unique planet.

Yet, in less than 200 years, unchecked, highly toxic, industrialization has caused CO2 levels to
reach their highest level in 3 million years. We are killing off species at rates unseen since the last asteroid wiped out nearly all life with scientists claiming we are in the midst of the 6th Mass Extinction Event on Earth, the first caused by humans. They call for preserving 1/3 to ½ of Earth’s surface as the only way to reverse the destruction of ourselves.

Pregnancy complications and deaths for minorities are on par with the worst third-world countries. Our lifespan has been in decline for several years. We have the highest rates of obesity and mystery illnesses in the world. We imprison more of our population than any other country. The government agencies that we count on, naively, to protect us are controlled by the industries they claim to regulate. The EPA is run by the oil industry, the FDA is almost
entirely sponsored and beholden to big pharma, the banking industry… but don’t give up hope yet.

We must gain perspective if we are to make a difference.

• We’re with you to question the status quo and take charge of our Health, Hope and Happiness.

• We can elect leaders who care about their fellow human beings.

• We can spend our money on local business’ and those who are environmentally responsible. We can hold a vision of what is possible and hold our leaders accountable to make it happen.

• We can eliminate dirty money from politics.
• We can ensure basic healthcare, clean water, access to healthy food for all.

• And we can turn to Plant-Based Medicine (p 18) and preventive health measures that expand our minds while uplifting our hearts, and connecting us in meaningful ways to each other and to the planet that birthed us.

It’s possible, and it’s all going to be okay. We have hope the world will continue coming together (with or without the U.S.) in solving the most pressing planetary problems. Maybe one day there will be a U.N. of problem-solving – a think tank of global citizens with skills and ideas that can reverse our course.

We believe in endless possibilities of a future with a healthy, happy population and a happy, healthy Mother Earth.
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