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Jul 01, 2019 03:31PM ● By Terry Chriswell
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“The Worst Patients in the World”

In David H Freedman’s article “The Worst Patients in the World,” (The Atlantic, July’19), he blames the American healthcare consumer for the failing and absurdly expensive U.S. system because we are fat, lazy, demanding, and disobedient. He says, “Americans are hypochondriacs, yet we skip our checkups. We demand drugs we don’t need, and fail to take the ones we do. No
wonder the U.S. leads the world in health spending,” and “We ought to consider the possibility that if we exported Americans to those other countries, their systems might end up with our costs and outcomes.”

But that’s not true and IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Unlike every other country, we ingest GMOs at every meal and don’t even have the right to know if it is in our food. No other developed country allows them into the food supply. Unlike every other country, the U.S. farming industry, in conjunction with Monsanto/Bayer, uses millions of tons of Roundup glyphosate to desiccate their crops (lentils, peas, soybeans, corn, flax, rye, triticale, buckwheat, millet, canola, sugar beets, potatoes, sunflowers, wheat and oats) to increase yields and profits. According to the Environmental Working Group (June 2019), 21 of 25 General Mills oat-based products popular with children contain dangerous amounts of the Roundup herbicide - including many varieties of Cheerios.

I applaud vaccine science that brought us safety against polio, measles, mumps and rubella. But I cringe with mistrust when the CDC says my infant/toddler should be injected with 117 mercury or aluminum-laden vaccines including those for sexually transmitted diseases.

Decades of trust in the American Medical Association, big Pharma, the university research system, vaccine manufacturers and industry-beholden government agencies like the FDA, EPA and CDC have left Americans sicker than ever, with mystery illnesses that didn’t exist 50 years ago. (Steven Frank on page 18 will explain how big money has hijacked science and that “studies” don’t tell us what you think they do!) 

For instance, Pfizer is the biggest drug company in the world. On June 7, 2019, Washington Post reporter Christopher Rowland broke the news that Pfizer had learned that their arthritis drug, Enbrel, seemed to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s up to 64 percent. Yet, with Enbrel approaching the end of patent protection, Pfizer “opted against further investigation and chose not to make the data public.” They would prefer to hide data than share it with the world if they can’t directly profit.

In truth, there is hope. American historian Daniel Boorstin said, “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” We have been fed this illusion,
but there is hope because you read this magazine – and others like it. The voices that bring light to this ignorance are voices of truth, compassion and healing. Know that your illness isn’t you being fat, lazy, disobedient or demanding; your body is simply responding to the illusion we’ve been taught. It’s time to pull back the curtain.

Doug Zerbarini studied physiology at UF and worked for a major pharmaceutical company
over eight years before publishing Natural Awakenings magazine. Contact him at
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