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Mile High Natural Awakenings

Crystals to Promote Love

Aug 01, 2019 05:06PM
Stones and crystals that foster love are the second most requested element at For Heaven’s Sake. As the Greeks understood, there are many layers to love and different crystals can help foster your experience. Here are some tips in choosing stones that will help increase the right kind of love in your life.

Danburite possesses a high vibration, opening higher chakras including the heart chakra. This is a great stone for connecting with your higher self, angels and divine unconditional love.

Morganite is like Rose Quartz on steroids and is becoming the new go-to stone for engagement rings because it cleanses and activate the heart chakra, attracting love.

Green Calcite is an energy amplifier, a multivitamin for the soul. Green is associated with the heart chakra so this stone opens the heart to compassion and goodwill to all living creatures.
Orange Calcite stimulates the physical body and sexual energy. 

Pink Calcite is “softer” with its pink color, promoting compassion and connection with the divine.

Garnet is used to balance sexual energies and is a stone of devotion to self and others.

Rubies are intense and vivacious. They are associated with sensual passion and passion for beauty or one’s pursuits in business or in love.

Rhodonite helps one attain her highest potential as a stone of generosity, compassion and altruism. 

Kunzite stimulates the throat and heart chakras, producing loving thoughts and communication. It can connect you with divine love, self-love and romantic love.

We hope you will experiment with the above stones to further your love pursuits.

Eliza Marie Somers can be reached at For Heaven’s Sake.
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