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Colon Health & Elimination

Aug 01, 2019 05:16PM ● By Sharon Roulhac
Did you know the average person carries around seven to 10 pounds of fecal matter in their bodies on a daily basis? Ugh! We don’t talk about the rectum or those last four to six feet of our digestive tract as it may not be deemed polite, but colon health is your body’s pathway to ultimate health.

The colon is the last four to six feet of the body’s 30-foot-long digestive system. The colon is composed of a spongy, rubber-like substance that functions as the body’s waste system and also produces some vitamins and absorbs large amounts of water. Approximately 70% of the body’s immune cells are located in the colon. 

If you are eating three meals per day consisting of the standard American diet of fried, highly processed, denatured foods, and not having three full bowel movements per day, where is that waste going?! Well, it’s sitting in your colon becoming the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria, fungi and parasites. When your body can’t smoothly and comfortably eliminate your
waste, you may need help.

In order to ‘get you moving’ again, the colon needs to be cleansed and repaired. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective way to accomplish this and most everyone describes it as refreshing and relaxing. It is a gentle infusion of warm, purified water that removes old, impacted fecal matter from your body leaving you feeling lighter and healthier.

Next, you want to gradually increase your consumption of higher-fiber, water-filled, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Work up to at least 80% raw foods. Salads consist of fresh veggies like cucumbers, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, avocado.  Keep it simple with no more than three-four ingredients and have a tablespoon (or more) of fermented foods with each meal.

Start small and work up to it while receiving expert care from a certified Colon Hydrotherapist and you’ll be feeling lighter, cleaner and healthier in no time.

Sharon Roulhac of Cosmopolitan Colonics can be reached at 720-451-3953.
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