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Mile High Natural Awakenings

Importance of Nurturing Your Inner Child

Aug 01, 2019 05:27PM ● By Boulder Psychic Institute
Have you forgotten how to play? Has your life become a long series of have-to’s and shoulds that take precedence over all your want-to’s and could’s? When was the last time you felt pure, unadulterated joy and wonder?

 Your inner child is the part of you that retains those childhood qualities of amusement, enthusiasm, neutrality, and presence in the moment. It’s the part of you that loves to play; that adores all things fun and all things funny; that wants to learn, grow, explore, and experience from a place of awe-struck curiosity, clear-eyed presence, abundant creative power and exuberant delight. From a psychic perspective, these qualities are some of the most healing energies on the planet!

Rather than allow our inner child to be ignored, unacknowledged, or downright squashed by our responsibilities, to-do list, bills, or work schedule, perhaps a balance may be struck that nurtures our inner child — and our joy as well.

We can learn from children in this way. We can also keep ourselves— and our own inner child—happy and healthy by embodying those qualities and creating space and opportunities to experience that sense of childlike amusement, presence and joy.

What is it that brings you that childlike sense of joy and wonder? What’s that deep thing (or things) that’s your “Heck yeah!”? It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, effort or money. It might be something really simple and free like a hike in the mountains, watching a sunset, or the smell of the rain. It might be dancing, writing, creating art, or listening to music. It’s whatever makes you come alive and feel inspired. What would happen if you gave yourself more of that?

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