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Lifestyle Builds Longevity

Sep 05, 2019 05:53PM ● By Debra Allen
Recent research dispels the belief that longevity is determined via our genes. In fact, about 93% of our longevity is based on our lifestyle choices according to a study published in Genetics
(Nov 6 2018). Diabetes and high bad cholesterol “run in the family” due to subconscious behavioral patterns we learn as children by modeling lifestyle choices on our parents and peers – not predestined by our genes.

Making the conscious choice to live a daily healthy lifestyle is the key to dissolving the day-to-day patterns that deteriorate health. Youthful longevity requires a strong immune response; a reduction in inflammation; and removal of harmful toxins from the organs, blood and
lymphatic system. Your goals for daily longevity must include:

• Nightly restorative sleep is aided by reducing your internal temperature. Soak your feet in cold water or finish your shower with cold water in the evening and/or lower your thermostat to a
cooler temperature, preferably in the range of 68-71 degrees.

• Stress relief measures that heal the body, spirit and soul such as Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, gardening, artistic painting, music, etc.

• Healthy eating, preferably 70-100% whole food, plant-based, in accordance with your needs at any given time.

• Supporting proper nutrition with herbs and other supplements for your health and energy needs.

• Harmonious cleansing includes proper replenishment, for body, mind and spirit.

• Gentle daily exercise, respectful of limitations, that builds and sustains stamina, strength and flexibility.

• Connection and community. Isolation is a slow and silent killer. We are meant to love and be loved. Start with loving and accepting yourself and reach out to others to give and receive well wishes and hugs.

Debra Lin Allen is the founder/director of Chi Wellness, The Center of Qigong, 4155 East Jewell Av., Ste 105, Denver. Contact her at 720-427-0406, [email protected] or See ad page 5 in the September 2019 issue of Mile High Natural Awakenings.
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