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The Forking Truth with Drew Fognani

Sep 05, 2019 05:54PM ● By Doug Zerbarini
Farm-to-table is a social movement which promotes serving and eating local food acquired
directly from the producer. FTT proponents are concerned with food safety, freshness, flavor, seasonality, nutritional integrity, small family farms, preserving heirloom and open-pollinated
fruits and vegetables; and the dangers of a highly-centralized food growing and distribution system.

FTT can be summed up as a focus on local quality and variety rather than the bland offerings of underripe, over-shipped, low-quality meat and produce sold by the huge industrial mono-crop food machine.

It is important to note that farm-to-table is an unregulated term, meaning anyone can use the term and define it their own way. The essence of FTT is a relationship with those that grow your food – but also a relationship between oneself and our Mother Earth.

It is this aspect of relationship and communication within the farm-to-table movement that attracted the unique background and skill set of Denver’s own Drew Fognani to create “The Forking Truth,” a video series best described as “one man’s journey to find a better way to eat, cook, source food, and live a more sustainable way of life.”

As a struggling artist in Los Angeles, Drew had to rely on others for acting gigs. Eventually, a mentor suggested he learn to produce his own projects as a way of taking charge of his creative
expression and likelihood of work.

Unfiltered Productions, LLC, the company behind The Forking Truth, was born after much hardship and self-reflection. Drew and his business partner and editor of the show, Simon
Carmody, are a two-man team that create The Forking Truth content. Says Drew, “My family and closest friends urged me to not give up on my crazy dream and I knew this is what I was meant to do. They encouraged me to do something with food since I am so passionate about it. The Forking Truth was created out of my passion for food and an understanding of the human
body. I am passionate about the FTT movement because of all the health and environmental benefits, not to mention the benefits for local farms and restaurants. I think this is the future of our food industry and I am not alone.”

“The Forking Truth isn’t just a food show; it’s a journey around the nation in search of the tastiest, most nutritious, sustainably-sourced food. Each episode identifies an issue that negatively affects our health and environment, where we plunge headlong into potential solutions while meeting the people who are putting those solutions into practice,” says Drew. “Each episode explores regenerative agriculture and innovative farming techniques while inviting
viewers into the kitchens of some of the country’s top chefs. You’ll learn their secrets and
meet forward-thinking entrepreneurs, bold restaurateurs, and outside-the-box farmers.
And, you’ll be inspired and empowered to get involved and become a part of the solution.”

Find “The Forking Truth” on and Youtube. New episodes air every Thursday.

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