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Sep 28, 2019 01:37PM ● By Terry Chriswell
While reading this October issue, you’ll notice that most of the magazine has a holistic focus. Holism is the interconnection of all parts as a whole; recognizing that each part also affects the whole. 

The feature Mouth Matters on page 16 discusses the rise of Biological Dentistry, which connects oral health to an individual’s overall wellness, and often works in concert with other physicians and specialists. 

Nearly every business advertising in Natural Awakenings takes a holistic approach.

Other holistic articles discuss hot springs (p 6); doing nothing (p 20); and chiropractic (p 24). Slow food (p 22) and flossing (p 11) deal with holism on a personal and planetary scale. Did you know dental floss and its packaging are horrible for the environment? There are great alternatives mentioned in the eco tip already on their way for us to try! Thank God for entrepreneurs willing to think outside the box and help solve the biggest issues facing mankind.
In the Circular Economy (p 19), one such entrepreneur transformed food waste into fertilizer pellets!

Even “Paws to Consider” (p 14) is holistic in terms of all living things. Imagine a world where every healthy animal found a home? If you can adopt an animal companion from a wonderful rescues and shelters, the rewards will be all the sweeter. Fostering’s rewards are wonderful, too.

We’re taking the positive vibes online in a big way with our revamped website and Community Content Engine! You’ll find local businesses dedicated to your Health, Hope & Happiness with holistic resources, products, and services right in the Directory section – review and share your favorites! You’ll also find the online version of our popular print calendar in a mobile-optimized platform – create your own account and add events like garage sales! The whole point is to help our Holistic community connect online and on-the-go as well as in-print. 

To YOUR Health and Happiness, Doug & Terry

Read the full digital issue here or see the individual articles below.

Healing Support

Healing Support

Healing Imprints’ Jill Celeste, MS RN, supports your healing process with custom flower essence therapy, flower essence consultations and a line of signature flower essence blends from he... Read More » 


Free Talk The Future of HealthCare is Self-Care

Free Talk: The Future of HealthCare is Self-Care

Join LifeSpark Cancer Resources on Friday, October 4, Noon - 1:30 p.m. at the Wellshire Event Center, 3333 S Colorado Blvd., in Denver for a free talk by Dr Sharon Montes. Dr Montes, an i... Read More » 


Cool Mornings Warm Afternoon Hot Springs

Cool Mornings, Warm Afternoon, Hot Springs

With the cool weather returning to the mountains, it will soon be time to trade short sleeve shirts for wool pullovers and beanie hats. Read More » 


Balanced Energy Flows a Subtle Key to Wellness

Balanced Energy Flows: a Subtle Key to Wellness

Our Universe is filled with such powerful unlimited sources of energy that we can’t even use them in our physical body unless they go through a process to reduce their vibrational frequency. Read More » 

DCIS  Is It Really Breast Cancer

DCIS − Is It Really Breast Cancer?

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) is a common breast cancer diagnosis. In fact, it is so common that it accounts for 20-25% of all breast cancer diagnoses in the United States. But is it re... Read More » 


A Hodgepodge of Happiness

A Hodgepodge of Happiness

I’ve had several “a-ha” moments recently, and while none of them seem to want to expand into a full article, these tidbits might be helpful to you and your happiness as you go about your ... Read More » 


My Awakening Changed My Career and Life

My Awakening Changed My Career and Life

I was in the Operating Room surrounded by pumps, monitors, oxygenators, nurses, and Doctor Arron. The Melphalan was leaking from the isolated limb. It was radioactively tagged so that it... Read More » 


Debra Lin-Allen

The Wisdom of Waiting

Increasing our productivity by sitting and waiting is an unfamiliar practice in our culture. We’ve been taught that progress requires movement, or even pushing, forward. We rarely realize... Read More » 


Local Holistic Dentistry

Local Holistic Dentistry

Local Holistic Dentist Dr Jamie Greear-Schmidt from Holistic Life Dentistry in Littleton discusses what holistic dentistry means. Read More » 

David PorrasShutterstockcom

Paws to Consider: Best Friends Waiting for Homes

When we rescue a shelter dog or cat, the life we save may be our own. National Shelter Pet Month offers a window into the physical and emotional health benefits of pets. Read More » 


Syda ProductionsShutterstockcom

Eco-Flossing: A Healthy Choice for Teeth and the Planet

Popular commercial flosses, some made of Teflon, leach chemicals into the body and don’t biodegrade. Here are some eco-friendly, greener choices for dental hygiene. Read More » 



Mouth Matters: A Holistic Approach to Oral Health

Holistic dentistry takes into consideration the connections between basic oral care and the overall health of our vital organs affected by the buildup of pernicious bacteria in our gums. Read More » 



Rethinking Our Stuff: Moving Toward a Circular Economy

The “circular economy” is all about rethinking the way we make stuff—designing products that can be reused and powering it all with renewable energy. Read More » 


photo by Ryan Meyer

Jenny Odell on the Importance of Doing Nothing

Visual artist and writer Jenny Odell on her new book, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, and why we must rebel against the seductive pull of 24/7 availability. Read More » 



Slow Food Takes Root: Global Movement on Fast Track

Slow Food activists focus on food that is “good, clean and fair”—which also tends to be food that is local, healthy and sustainable. Read More » 



Spinal Solutions: Chiropractic Care Yields Unexpected Results

Optimal chiropractic care treats the whole person from the inside-out, starting with the nervous system, allowing practitioners to address many conditions that transcend typical expectati... Read More » 


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