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Mile High Natural Awakenings

My Awakening Changed My Career and Life

Sep 28, 2019 02:23PM ● By Steven Frank
I was in the Operating Room surrounded by pumps, monitors, oxygenators, nurses, and Doctor
Arron. The Melphalan was leaking from the isolated limb. It was radioactively tagged so that it could be detected by the intricate software and sophisticated electronics attached to the detector suspended over the patient's heart. These were my electronics and software.

“Arron, it’s leaking.” Though I dreaded it, I had to say those words. I was monitoring the system and if the leak persisted for another minute, the patient would die. Melphalan, a deadly poison, was in the patient’s leg to kill the tumor. If it left the leg, it would kill the patient. The nurse switched off the Bonnie Raitt CD and Arron ran to the big, red roll-away tool cabinet. He retrieved a large lag-bolt, a hammer and a wrench. I gently shook my head from side-to-side
in disbelief as he pounded the lag-bolt into the hip and gave it a few turns with the wrench. Then he secured another tourniquet around that bolt and tightened it down. We all waited
and watched the screen as the detected Melphalan slowly, steadily returned to a safe level. The leak was controlled, the music was restarted and the operation was completed.

The patient lived through the surgical procedure, but the cancer survived too. Won the battle, lost the war.

On the way home I contemplated what I had witnessed and been a part of. An extraordinary symphony of knowledge, skill and technology supporting a heinously primitive event
called cutting-edge medicine. And, in the end, it didn’t work.

This was the first event of several that changed the course of my career designing advanced micro-processor-based medical machines. I eventually gathered all of my parts, software, books and equipment and loading them into the back of my truck, I drove it all to the dump.

Engineers are trained to solve problems. If the current solution leads to the death or detriment of the patient, the problem is redefined and other possible solutions are reviewed starting with the simplest. My wife had shown me that our children’s ear infections are best handled with tea-tree oil and glycerin − NOT antibiotics. I successfully experimented with silver iontophoresis to abort herpes lesions. This was re-defining the problem and applying simpler, age-old solutions
to achieve successful outcomes. I was heading in the correct direction − re-discovering
old knowledge and re-applying it with modern insight.

I set a new life course to study herbology, electromedicine, virology and bacteriology. After many years in the laboratory, many trials in the clinic and field, numerous patents submitted and many products later… here I am − Awakened to the application of natural medicine for the treatment of common health problems.

Though the world is not ready for most of what I have found, I look forward to the rapidly approaching day that it is. 

Steven Frank is a Master Herbologist with Nature's Rite Herbal Remedies. 
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