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A Hodgepodge of Happiness

Sep 28, 2019 02:31PM ● By Terry Chriswell
I’ve had several “a-ha” moments recently, and while none of them seem to want to expand into a full article, these tidbits might be helpful to you and your happiness as you go about your day:

Two sides to every coin
Who doesn’t love money? You know what I don’t love about money? Paying bills. There’s also a bit of fear about all the paperwork and payments demanded by our friends at the IRS. My heart expands with appreciation when money comes in, but contracts with fear when it goes out. Since
we can’t separate the two sides of the coin, how do we make it work?

Receiving and spending go hand in hand. By contracting in fear when I’m paying these bills, I’m giving a message to the flow of Universal energy – I don’t like this money thing. I may only mean one side of the coin, but that affects the other side too, and the Universe responds with, “Let me
just give you this little bit so you don’t have to send so much out.”

To enjoy a full life, we must embrace the entire coin. If you want the love and companionship
of a dog, you’ll spend money, clean up poop, walk her in the rain, and possibly throw away your favorite shoes. If you want financial abundance, you have to be willing to clean up poop too – it just looks like paperwork from the IRS. If I allow, accept and surrender to that other side
of the coin by saying, “I love and appreciate money and all that comes with it,” I give Universe Juice the chance to hear a clear message and say, “YES! Here’s some more!”

Get back in touch with your Inner Self

If you’re feeling creatively blocked, overwhelmed, or just out of sorts, it may be time to  reconnect with your Higher Self. What makes us whole, healthy, happy and healed is a balance of taking pleasure in the physical world, and connecting to our Divinity. 

Take time to refresh and renew by being still and focusing on your breath, letting every thought come in and slide out of your consciousness, without judgement. Listen to nature sounds, being
present and mindful. In silence, ask yourself the questions you need answered, and listen to what comes up. Find the places where your heart flows: for example, I read a book for relaxation; I write a speech for Toastmasters for excitement and higher vibration; I practice a heart
meditation for connection and peace.

What ways can you connect?

Experiment with Living Consciously

For a period of time, I thought I wasn’t doing enough to accomplish my dreams, or being the kind of person I admired. Was I sticking to my goals? Was I kind and compassionate to the best of my ability? I had lost touch with how I was spending my days.

I chose to consciously notice everything I was doing, and being, over 10 days, as the actor and observer. When I tallied the score at the end of each day, I found that I don’t give myself enough
credit -- and I bet you don’t either. I may give in to Facebook a couple times a day, but damn! I work hard, and I am easily a kind and compassionate person when it’s called for. I found that I am doing my best, and I felt so good about that! Try the experiment of living more consciously
if you are questioning yourself – or even others. You might find that your initial perception was way off base.

Terry Chriswell is the publisher of Mile High Natural Awakenings and author of Moving Toward Happy, to be released in 2019. She can be reached at [email protected]
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