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Mile High Natural Awakenings

The Wisdom of Waiting

Sep 28, 2019 02:49PM ● By Debra Allen

Debra Lin-Allen

Increasing our productivity by sitting and waiting is an unfamiliar practice in our culture. We’ve been taught that progress requires movement, or even pushing, forward. We rarely realize that, much more often than not, we can allow for movement around us to support our progress while we are still.

The I Ching reminds us that correct timing in our actions and behaviors is the key to ease in life and prosperity. Hexagram 39 (Water Above Mountain) entitled “Obstruction” teaches us about the wisdom of waiting. Pause to consider:

• There is a better way to reach the outcome you are aiming toward.
• Your inner wisdom or even Life itself is protecting you from a likely risk of harm.
• You are ahead in the overall timing of details and other factors involved need to catch up to you.
• There are other preparations to complete to assure your success.
• There are aspects of your daily life or health that need to be strengthened or attended to first so that you can sustain your progress.

Aligning daily life to flow in accord with the rhythms of all of Nature and Life is a subtle and necessary component of energy healing, particularly in the practice of Qigong.

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