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Custom Dreads are Wearable Art

Nov 01, 2019 08:44AM ● By Terry Chriswell
Express your personal flair for hair by calling Zarah Anliot of Dread Vibez – Dreadlocks & Hair. Those well along their dreadlock journey or those just starting out will find creativity and expertise by Zarah, a professional Seienstyle Loctician.

"The beauty of dreadlocks, it's an artform like any other. Even two locticians with the same training have a personal expression of their creativity. We want to create beautiful dreadlocks for everyone! Dread Vibez makes new dreadlocks with or without extensions; maintenance of your mature dreadlocks; extending your mature dreadlocks; installation of temporary dreadlocks or pinch braid extensions; I also offer dreadlock products such as SpiralocksTM and DollylocksTM,” said Zarah.

“Seienstyle’s worldwide network of locticians uses a technique that has been developed over 20 years and is well-tested, elaborate, and works on all hair types. It is also possible to brush them out because it doesn’t break or destroy your own hair,” continues Zarah. “My clients come to me because they appreciate and connects with the vibe that dreadlocks generate. They recognize that I am on my own life path while sharing my art with them. The good energy that my dreadlocks has given me, is in abundance, and I love to share my knowledge. Seeing my clients experience their dreadlock journey brings me so much joy.”

By appointment only. 1620 Platte Street, Denver. Contact Zarah at 720-965-9603 or [email protected]

Zarah explains: "Spiralocks is a wire like band that is used to make dreadlock updos with, instead of rubber bands that may damage your locs. They are ethically made by the underprivileged women of the remote village of Gunu on the outer islands in Fiji. By making the Spiralocks, they earn money to support their families and improve their lives. Dollylocks is an sustainable and ethically sourced dreadlock care product line with everything you need to care for your locs. The products are all made in the US in small batches to secure high quality over quantity. These products are sold to my clients at my studio."
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