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Mile High Natural Awakenings

My Awakening: Donna DeNomme's Story

Nov 01, 2019 09:06AM
As a young girl, the world of reading and writing captivated me. Without leaving the warmth and security of my cozy armchair, I could follow my wildest dreams while cultivating a belief in
the hopeful potential of what might be. No wonder I delighted in that healthy and comforting escape – unbeknownst to my parents, I was being abused by those entrusted to care for me. With the support of my inner guidance, which was my saving grace, I somehow survived that
horrible time and created a relatively good and successful life.

As an adult I wrote several motivational books which did quite well.  Yet there was still a nagging sense of something more, something unidentifiable that was mine to do. I had
been told by the handful of people who knew about my childhood that I needed to write about my past. “No way,” I thought. When I found myself back in graduate school after a 29-year hiatus, I actively examined every detail of my brutal childhood wounding through a microscopic lens, as well as through the broader lens of understanding universal consequences.

Once I faced full-on what had been secretly held captive within me, I began to realize that simply looking with curiosity at what is ugly or difficult is a brave and potent act. During a quiet
meditation, I distinctly felt and “saw” two exquisite white birds rise from deep within my High Heart, stretching as they moved through my throat, pushing their way forcibly out through
my mouth, and flying freely as I heard a voice of conviction say, “Your wound has become your strength.”

The only story you have is your own; explore your authentic voice and listen to what it has to say. Writing can be an act of awakening because it accesses information beyond your conscious
reach: explore those vast contours and deep crevices to discover their richness. At times, you may encounter a chaos of sorts; while at others, a surprising new order. Like a rafter navigating
treacherous rapids or a hiker meandering on a winding path, the trail is not a defined one, but simply a step-by- step movement reaching onward.

Celebrate the launch of Donna DeNomme’s sixth book “As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage” at For Heaven’s Sake Bookstore on Saturday , November 16th with book readings, writing sessions, and private coaching sessions with the author. Enjoy a celebratory concert with local singersongwriter Cara Cantarella at 7 pm. For more info: and 
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