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The Benefits of Meditation & Energetic Healing

Nov 21, 2019 11:18AM ● By Anita Destino

Stress, worry, anxiety or being overwhelmed are the most common issues keeping us from feeling we have well-being. Meditation is a great way to allow your body to relax, to calm down and just be. While meditating, your breath can help you release any tension whether in your muscles, organs or your mind. Meditation is extremely beneficial for your mind, body and soul in a natural way without unhealthy side effects or conventional medicine. When you start a Meditation ritual you will notice these healthy benefits; you will become more calm or more relaxed; you will be able to turn the chatter in your mind down so you can have deeper nights’ sleep; you will experience more energy throughout the day; food will taste richer and flavorful, and more.

Through the years working with clients I have recognized that pain is trapped energy that we are holding onto but ready to let go of, like stress, worry or anxiety. Our illnesses are usually caused by an emotional issue that we are holding onto in our bodies. Emotional issues come from multiple sources; your mother’s thoughts and feelings while you were in the womb, childhood memories, sub-conscious beliefs that we created in our lifetime. Our bodies produce energy and that energy creates our Aura Field around us. When our Aura Field is dirty, dingy or filled with worry, stress or anxiety that will create our bodies to feel sluggish, stuck or stagnant. When you receive an Energy Healing, it is a way for your body to connect to a higher vibration which will allow your body to release and let go.

Anita Destino is the founder of Journey Within. She can be reached at 720-413-7303 or [email protected]

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