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Does the shoe fit your health?

Nov 30, 2019 12:00AM
Did you know that your shoes can seriously affect your overall health? As the foundation for your body, your feet should be strong, well-balanced and supported. But if they’re stabilizing a natural imbalance while also balancing poor posture and ill-fitting shoes, suddenly, there’s a whole lot of stress coming from a very small area.

The number one cause of foot issues is footwear - which can cause ankle, knee, hip and/or lower back issues. From baby shoes to high heels, we’re forced into covering our feet from an early age. As we age, shoes tend to get more restrictive and cause further imbalance. Rarely are we encouraged to go barefoot or wear wide, open-toe shoes like sandals or Crocs.

Podiatry and orthotics rarely exist in cultures where bare feet are the norm, because they don’t suffer from common foot problems like bunions, plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuromas, achilles tendonitis and hammer toes. That’s because barefoot practices make our feet tough and strong, allowing them to develop naturally without restriction.

Not only is going barefoot beneficial for your feet - it’s beneficial for your overall health. Our culture in general is experiencing a major disconnect from our environment, which has major health implications. Shoes inhibit the ability to use our feet like a ground wire - passing negative energy to the ground and receiving positive energy from the earth. The practice of walking barefoot on natural surfaces invites positive energy into your body, reduces stress by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, strengthens the muscles in your feet and improves your ability to heal from the inside. A process known as “grounding.” Try it for yourself. The next time you get a chance to be barefoot on grass, dirt, stream or beach, close your eyes and take 12-15 slow deep breaths. You’ll likely feel instant changes in your physiology.

Most of us have asymmetrical bodies and a tendency to stand on one leg more than the other. That imbalance drives stress up one side of the body, affecting our running, walking and standing. Conventional podiatry wisdom says that going barefoot is bad for the feet and “Everyone should be wearing hard custom orthotics, prescribed only by podiatrists, and any major issues could be addressed with surgery, medication and rest.”

But a different solution focuses on building relationships and addressing the whole body holistically. A good evaluator takes into account nutrition, inflammation, glute weakness from sitting, and level of daily, full-body activity to create custom orthotics to help rehabilitate and undo damage created by bad footwear, muscle imbalances and weaknesses.

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