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Neuroenergetic Release for No Pain

Nov 30, 2019 12:00AM
Neuroenergetic Release® (NER), founded by local healthcare practitioner Don Kipp, operates where the neurological, energetic and muscular systems intersect, facilitating rapid release and balancing all the systems of the body by using Neuroenergetic points that interface with the nervous and energetic systems of the body simultaneously.

According to Kipp, “NER predicts and prevents injuries, degenerative changes and dis-ease. Both short term, and over a lifetime, NER saves individuals thousands in dollars and untold priceless time helping people be pain-free and perform, function, and feel better.”

NER addresses core-distortion patterns—those imbalances, irregularities and patterns of compensation stored in the body, creating contracted or weak spots that make the body susceptible to injury. The patterns are insidious and tend to worsen over time, surfacing in a variety of symptoms later in life, including chronic back, neck and shoulder pain; headaches; joint tenderness; and digestive problems. “If there is a contraction, it’s that way because the
nervous system is telling it to be that way as a way to compensate,” Kipp says.

“Core distortion patterns develop after a trauma or an injury, or may be the result of the birth process itself,” he explains. The patterns exist to some extent on physical, energetic and emotional planes, says Kipp, who believes these irregularities are at the root of almost all bodily pain and dysfunction. 

These patterns can cause migraines, digestive issues, scoliosis, sciatic, asthma, menstrual pain and back pain, to name a few of the most common problems Kipp sees in patients. He claims to have a 90% success rate in relieving asthma, and sees children often as well, especially if they have colic, chronic ear infections, problems sleeping or developmentally delayed.

The patient is fully clothed, and after a brief structural and palpatory analysis of the body to find distortions and asymmetry, lies on the table where the practitioner holds 2 corresponding NER points. The abnormal tension in the muscle almost instantly disappears (within a second or two). Balance returns on all levels. Both the client and therapist can feel this rapid release and the resulting structural change can also be observed. Pairs of points are released throughout the whole body. Kipp says, “Clients have fewer symptoms; feel less tension and pain, and have greater energy and ease of movement. Dramatic structural change routinely happens in one session. In most cases this structural change and reduction of pain and symptoms is substantial and long lasting. The goal is to quickly get the client stable, symptom free, out of pain and to a greater state of health that they can self-maintain.”

Don Kipp can be reached at 303-697-4923 
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