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Aligning Hair and Spirit with Dreadlocks

Jan 01, 2020 04:55PM ● By Zarah Anliot
Hairstyles are one of our most powerful self-expressions; it connects us to the individual we are or try to be. The natural and primal beauty of dreadlocks has attracted us for ages. They often signify a connection, a personal transition or a fresh start. Sometimes, they simply are a practical hairstyle.

Dreadlocks are a concept foreign to most, tainted by preconceptions. It is time to start anew, move beyond prejudices that dreadlocks are only for hippies or people with a certain hair type, that they are dirty and never washed, or that they damage hair. Dreadlocks are a part of our history and they will be in our future. Let’s learn to enjoy them in the present!

A dreadlock, a loc or a dread is a bundle of hair strands knotted together into the shape of a rope. There are different techniques for dreading hair; some are better suited for specific hair types while other methods work on all hair types. A Professional Loctician or Dreadlock Artist will use a technique that doesn’t damage the hair, gives beautiful dreadlocks right from the start, and allows the possibility to brush them out.

There is no excuse for not washing dreadlocks. Once a week to every ten days; depending on preference and lifestyle. The risk of buildup is eliminated by using specialized dreadlock products with all-natural and residue-free ingredients. As hair grows with time, dreadlock maintenance will help keep your scalp and dreadlocks happy and beautiful.

All dreadlocks are unique; no one dread or dreadhead is the same. A Professional Loctician will customize your dreadlocks after your vision, personality, and the shape of your head. Hair just needs to be four inches to start and any length can be accomplished with extension hair. A full or partial head, human or synthetic hair, colorfully decorated or natural – anything is possible! Our dreadlocks become part of us. They connect us to who we really are, inside and out.

When seeking to dreadlock your hair, get maintenance, or install temporary dreadlocks, do research! Find an educated loctician with a portfolio. Someone who cares about you and your dreadlock journey. No matter who you are, dreadlocks are for anyone, anytime, anywhere and everywhere!

Zarah Anliot, Loctician and Owner of Dread Vibez, can be reached at 720-965-9603 or 
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