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Happiness Corner: Recovering from a Bad Day

Jan 01, 2020 05:13PM ● By Terry Chriswell
Who hasn’t has a bad day? After one of my own recently, which included teeth-gnashing, swearing and yes, a few tears, I wrote up this list of what I did to get back into my happy zone. Below, I am using examples from two days of disturbances; yes, let’s just call them that. I did all of these and I feel well recovered.

Mental Cogitation
• I am not curing cancer here; let’s put it in perspective.
• Does this have implications beyond today? If not, I give it less importance.
• Should I reassess my expectations? I can only control my own actions.

Emotional Release
• What am I really feeling right now? I could fall into depression, but instead I find the emotion next to it: anger. I go with that because anger can be useful (see Physical Recuperation #5).
• Talk. Let it out to a caring, trusted friend. It’s proven that talking is mentally healthy.
• What is this triggering? Do I feel not good enough, unworthy or unloved? Mine was unloved; I felt betrayed. It feels good putting a name on it. Those core issues are good nuts to break open.

Physical Recuperation
• Start breathing deeply right away.
• Wash that negative energy off with a shower, bath or hot tub.
• Listen to upbeat music, watch something funny.
• Make sure you aren’t too hungry or thirsty, which adds to feeling poorly. That doesn’t mean you should go chow down – that will only make you feel worse in the long run. Trust me, I know. I highly recommend a donut shop sometimes. 
• Get out in the sun and do something physical or get away from the disturbance. In my case, I took a trip to the library, a place I love.
• Make sure you go to bed focusing on good thoughts, gratitude and appreciation for all the things that aren’t the disturbance. There’s more to life than this.

Spiritual Lessons
• There is a reason for this. For one disturbance, it might very well mean “rejection is protection.” I might not ever understand the reason for it, but I trust the Universe’s guidance.
• What can I learn from it? I realized my disturbance wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t thinking of six other things and trying to do one other thing. Do you think I’m supposed to learn to take one thing at a time?

Terry Chriswell is the publisher of Natural Awakenings and the author of Moving Toward Happy, which may or may not ever be finished at this rate. She can be reached at [email protected] because she never gets emails there.
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