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Skip the Flu This Season!

The mainstream media and the CDC focus primarily on the flu shot to prevent flu during the winter season, but last year, vaccine effectiveness was 14 percent for 50-64 yr-olds (
flu/vaccines-work/2018-2019.html). You would think that for a flu vaccine to be considered effective, it must prevent the flu, but you’d be wrong. The CDC considers a vaccine effective when it “reduces the risk of having to go to the doctor with flu…” You can be on your deathbed with the flu, but as long as you avoid the doctor, you can be considered a vaccine “success.” So, what can you do to keep yourself healthy and flu-free this year?

• Incorporate immune-boosting staples like bone broth for intestinal health; warm honey/lemon/ginger in the mornings for liver and digestion; fermented foods such as raw cabbage for healthy gut bacteria; oranges for edible sunshine and bioavailable calcium; and plenty of fresh, clean water. All fruits and vegetables will provide benefit! Choose organic where possible.

• Avoid sugary and processed foods. Dietary sugar weakens the white blood cells for several hours after consumption by displacing vitamin C, thus reducing your ability to fight off viral or bacterial invaders.

• Wash your hands. You don’t have to use harsh antibacterial soaps or sanitizers – just use plain soap and water. Wash your hands whenever you are in the bathroom, returning home, and before you eat.

• Get plenty of sleep. Especially if you feel like you are coming down with an illness. Stay home and rest. This will speed up your recovery. Go to bed early with some chamomile and a meditation playing.

• Exercise indoors or out. It strengthens the body and immune system while decreasing heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. It also helps decrease stress. High amounts of stress are harmful to your immune system by maintaining chronically elevated cortisol levels. Opt for outdoors and fresh air whenever possible.

• Supplements can help. Vitamin D is harder to come by naturally during the winter months. Many studies have shown its importance to overall immune function. K2 works well with D3 to bolster immunity and help steer calcium to your bones and away from your arteries. Elderberry syrups, Astragalus, Cat’s Claw, Echinacea, and Esther-C are all helpful immune boosters.

For information or supplements to help avoid the flu this year, contact Clear Sky Medical at 303-790-7860 or see more details at 
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