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Make This Your New Favorite Year!

Jan 01, 2020 05:25PM ● By Crystal Deichert
At the beginning of each New Year, we make resolutions and goals to be better this year than in years past. But, research by Foursquare found a “fall off the wagon day” that consistently occurs in the beginning of February. Perhaps a change in perception will allow us to live our best life and negate the option of falling off the wagon. Focus on what you would like to bring into your life, rather than what you want to change.

For instance, the most common resolutions are to save money and lose weight. Traditionally, this meant buying a gym membership or cutting things out of the budget. The old way of viewing resolutions required sacrifice and discipline - which is truly hard when we are already sacrificing so much of our life to go to work; help friends and family; participate in activities; etc. Adding new resolutions to the schedule full of sacrifices can lead to feelings of shame, guilt, and defeat.

What if instead of resolving to “save money,” we “invest in ourselves?” Or instead of “losing weight,” we “make healthier choices around diet and exercise?” This shift opens us to change, abundance, and feelings of accomplishment. It allows us to make different choices on a daily basis, and the opportunity to feel we are progressing.

For instance, An altered perspective can be the difference between taking away from your life or adding to it. Losing weight can be a true struggle that takes time, energy and money, and results are slow to manifest. But, changing the perception from losing weight to being healthier doesn’t cost time or money, because it shows up in simple choices to eat healthier and move more. Also, it isn’t measured by the number of pounds lost, so people feel like they are reaching their goal daily just by making a more positive choice.

If you are looking at starting your year out right, start by challenging yourself to see a new perspective. Find a way to bring positive things into your life, and avoid the negative path we are so used to seeing. Set yourself up for Success!

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