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Releasing Pain to Defy Age

Jan 01, 2020 05:36PM ● By Don Kipp
A new study by the University of Florida Institute of Aging found that chronic pain in older adults correlates with accelerated brain age – an average of two years. “This might have important health implications since previous research has associated accelerated brain aging with an elevated risk of poor mental and physical health, including Alzheimer’s disease,” said researchers.

In light of this new study, it’s even more imperative to address whole body patterns that lead to pain. Whole body patterns put increased mechanical pressure on tissues that they cannot cope with, and area  pecific dysfunction arises. NeuroEnergetic Release can walk back the years by facilitating rapid release of pain, and balancing all the systems of the body.

For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome is an area-specific pain affecting the median nerve and flexor tendons of the hand as they pass through the wrist bones or carpals. Inflammation develops causing pain, tingling, and numbness in the hand where the median nerve feeds. Sometimes, patients will also have pain in their little fingers, forearms, arms, neck and shoulders. These are often ignored because they are not part of carpal tunnel syndrome. They are, however, part of an overall pattern.

With carpal tunnel, the root imbalance is in the neck, which causes the muscles and tendons in the arms, forearms and hands to tighten up. NER releases this whole body pattern, with emphasis on the neck, using points that rebalance the nervous and energetic systems. Patients will usually feel relief in the first appointment, often in the first minute. Further appointments, typically 4-6, about once a week, are necessary to fully recover. Patients recover without surgery and time off work.

According to Kipp, “NER predicts and prevents injuries, degenerative changes and dis-ease that can cause people to age prematurely. Both short term, and over a lifetime, NER saves individuals thousands in dollars and untold priceless time helping people be pain-free and perform, function, and feel better.”

Don Kipp can be reached at 303-697-4923 or 
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