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Mile High Natural Awakenings

Qigong for Longevity

Jan 01, 2020 05:43PM ● By Debra Allen
Qigong is anchored in the timeless wisdom of Wu Wei, the Taoist lifestyle of aligning thoughts and behaviors with the flow of life. Exercise, nutrition and conscious awareness refine our chi as we align with yin and yang influences that constantly shift energy around us. Through continual qigong practice, every breath we take is filled with contemplation, movement and inner stillness that restores timelessness in our health and life.

Through Qigong, we:
- slow the body’s and mind’s aging process as the soul matures in full expression of
our true nature and purpose in Life.
-  improve our health dramatically, eliminate dis-ease, and recover from injuries. Stamina
increases while we develop lasting inner peace and confidence about life and the future.
-  eliminate distractions and excess from daily living; learn to enjoy simple things.
-  feel content as we accept “what is” in our lives and spontaneously offer healing
influence in all of our relationships.
-  learn to trust our inner voice of knowing and experience clarity.
-  are fully liberated and supported by the Tao, the Universal Chi.
-  manifest a Life that is absolutely amazing!

Contact Debra Lin Allen at 720-427-0406 or see more details at 
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