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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is Certified Organic since 2007!

Jan 23, 2020 10:03AM ● By Lily Morgan

Keenesburg, Co - Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, located on 80 pristine acres in Keenesburg, Colorado has earned the USDA Certified Organic designation for the 12th year in a row.  Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care pioneered organic skin care in Colorado 34 years ago. They grow, harvest and handcraft the cleanest organic skin care in the world, and they are the only skin care company on Earth where consumers can purchase directly from the USDA Certified Organic Farmer. 

It’s always been a priority for Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care to create products that work with nature without compromising quality. It’s extremely important for the company to be 100% transparent with the ingredients and offer truly clean products, no matter how long and intense it is to complete the USDA certification process. With thousands of synthetic chemicals prevalent in many skin care products known by researchers and scientists to cause detrimental health effects, Lily Farm Fresh is dedicated to growing the freshest ingredients composed of natural, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents found from Mother Nature.
Lily Morgan CFO* says this about the intensive decision to annually earn this meticulous certification:
“I’m a huge advocate of Mother Earth. Growing the cleanest, most pure botanicals for use in our Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products benefits our eco-conscious customers and the planet. I’m proud to say that all told, Lily Farm Fresh is preserving over 250 acres in Colorado. We were the first skin care company in the world where you can buy directly from the USDA certified organic grower, and we still are last time I checked! Our skin care is the best and freshest in the world! ”
Lily began selling her skin care line to natural retailers in 1986 – long before it was popular to be organic. Each bottle of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care they produce on their farm boasts these words on the label  “NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS”. They believe the ingredients used to accomplish amazing results are the most important element in skin care products. What you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body, so its essential to only use the best quality skin care products with complete transparency.  Lily Farm Fresh operations to USDA scrutiny and compliance led them to build the Lily Farm Fresh Event Center.  Dana Gallegos, Facilities and Operations Manager explains:
“Lily had an idea one day, while working in the laboratory. She was excited to tell the team that since we go through this open door policy with the USDA and the FDA, why not let our end-users see the transparency too?  Customers can come out to the farm and watch their skin care being made, fresh in the state-of-the-art laboratory! They can stroll the farm and see the botanicals in the brilliant Colorado sunshine and even have their own special occasion hosted in our barn-like event center. Response has been fantastic!  Everyone wants to be a farmer for one day.”
Look for Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products where you shop for all of your organic needs: Whole Foods, Natural Grocers or on-line.

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