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IN THIS ISSUE: February 2020

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Feb 2020 Publishers' Letter: Reclaiming Magic
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Arthur C. Clarke. Magic is generally defined as a supernatural force that exerts influence over the natural world. As children, the things that invoked awe and wonder were indeed magic – until we became schooled in the ways of being a good follower and told what and how to believe. Magic became a pejorative, shaming us for believing in small wonders.

There was a time when everything was new and amazing. Dashing out into your first newly fallen snow of winter, summer’s inchworms dropping on their silken lines; putting birdseed on the sill to see who shows up; balancing on two wheels and feeling freedom; tasting sweet honey blossoms on the vine along the train tracks, face stained with wild blackberries down at the reservoir; green leaves changing to gold, red, and brown in fall – and collecting them in case their beauty was a one-time thing. We saw everything through our heart.

It is said that one must become like a child in order to enter the kingdom of heaven— to face the world without pre-judging anything I encounter. With perfect innocence, everything is pregnant with possibility, hope and beauty. Carrying that outlook through life is heaven — maybe we can learn it from our children.

Science will never fully explain our experience because wonder, awe, magic, and mystery are baked-in to the system — most of us just don’t understand it yet. Will we ever fully unravel the mysteries of the atom or the black hole? How about our own human body? I know from years working in hospitals with the drug companies that medical science is a vast crapshoot of guesses.

Our Mother Earth is worth protecting because she is full of - and part of – the magic and wonder. Everything we need to THRIVE and to uplift each other is all around us. Mother Earth is the non-profit that provides water, air, food, shelter and medicine.

• Magic is the advanced “technology” that shaped and moved 100-ton stones in the
ancient past.
• Magic lies within the fruits, vegetables and herbs that can heal us. Yes to celery juice!
• Magic is what happens when we practice Forgiveness.

Magic is the ability to start today with a new intention - to leave behind everything that no longer works like self-doubt, fear, shame, regret and unworthiness. INTEND TO be worthy, love ferociously, live courageously, question everything, keep your mind open to new possibilities, to release pre-judgements…what else can you leave behind?

Magic, Awe and Wonder are your birthright. Don’t let anyone or anything convince you that you are small and hopeless. You are powerful and more important than you know. You have something valuable to offer the world. And Life Loves you back!!

School of Inner Health Graduation

School of Inner Health Graduation

The School of Inner Health in Lakewood graduates a new class of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapists on February 9th. Read More » 


Yoga Nidra in Salt Caves

Yoga Nidra in Salt Caves

In this energetic, one-hour event created by Thrive Inside® workshops, you experience Yoga Nidra that combines the talents of certified Amrit Method yoga teacher Bill Eager and the ethere... Read More » 


2020 Holistic Fairs

2020 Holistic Fairs

Three Holistic Fairs in 2020 offer an opportunity for you to connect with the physical, intellectual and feeling levels of your Being and your connection to our planet. A wonderful variet... Read More » 


New AfricaShutterstockcom

Try Mind-Body Options to Reduce Opioid-Treated Pain

Research finds that certain mind-body therapies significantly reduce pain and the use of opioids in people suffering from acute pain. Read More » 


Could Your Symptoms Be a Food Sensitivity

Could Your Symptoms Be a Food Sensitivity?

Many people have food sensitivities and don’t know it. These sensitivities underly severe conditions and mild ones. Read More » 


LightField StudiosShutterstockcom

Practice Qigong Massage to Improve Autism Symptoms in Children

Qigong, a traditional Chinese massage technique and movement practice, may offer hope for children with autism spectrum disorder. Read More » 


What is Qigong Massage

What is Qigong Massage?

Qigong Massage is a Chi cultivation technique, a type of Qigong Movement exercise known as “Dao Yin.” It requires gentle tactile stroking, rubbing and tapping to move the Chi through the ... Read More » 


Change Your Life with INTENTION

Change Your Life with INTENTION

An INTENTION is not a goal or a to-do list. It’s not a simple thought or action, and it does not arise from willpower. The way to change your life with INTENTION is to bring your heart in... Read More » 


Stacy BarnettShutterstockcom

Use Probiotics to Reduce Bone Loss and Newborn Infections

Studies show that probiotics can help with bone loss in postmenopausal women as well as gut infections in newborns. Read More » 


New AfricaShutterstockcom

Consider Vitamins to Reduce Eczema Severity

Study concludes that supplementing with vitamin D3, vitamin E or vitamin B12 cream can reduce symptoms for patients with moderate to severe eczema. Read More » 



Clear Thinking: UNESCO Adopts Resolution on Earth Charter

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) reaffirms the importance of the Earth Charter as an ethical framework for sustainable development. Read More » 


 Riccardo MayerShutterstockcom

Water Win: Fresh H20 Comes to Kenya Town

A drought-plagued Kenyan region is using a new, solar-powered, desalination plant from the international nonprofit GivePower to obtain clean water. Read More » 


Valentina RazumovarShutterstockcom

Climate Check: New Label Verifies Carbon Neutral Products

A new Climate Neutral product label is helping consumers identify brands that practice sustainable processes. Read More » 


Alex YuzhakovShutterstockcom

Green Horizons: A Billion Trees in Eight Years

Toronto startup Flash Forest is using aerial drones to plant trees 10 times faster than human planters with a goal of 1 billion trees by 2028. Read More » 


Vichy DealShutterstockcom

Clean and Green: Eco-Laundry Tips

By washing clothes using simple ingredients and sustainable practices, consumers can both save money and lower their carbon footprint when doing laundry. Read More » 



Disrupting Disposables: The Drive to Banish Single-Use Plastics

Universities, sports arenas, restaurants and other businesses are taking up the call to “disrupt disposables” as part of a global effort to dramatically cut down on single-use plastics. Read More » 



Sacred Vessels: The Lifeblood of Heart Health

Heart disease, the nation’s number one killer, is largely preventable and reversible by adopting these heart-healthy habits before the body delivers a potentially fatal warning. Read More » 


brisk walk Shutterstockcom

Vital Steps: The Path to Vascular Fitness

Running, swimming, cycling, and playing tennis are all great boosters of vascular health, but even a simple brisk walk can do wonders for keeping blood vessels clear and flexible. Read More » 



A Feast for All Seasons: Embracing the Rainbow Year Round

Eating seasonally in winter can be easy with these healthy foods and plant-based, vegan recipes for Mixed Citrus Salad With Mâche, Fennel and Celery and Chard and Squash Salad. Read More » 


Valentyn VolkovShutterstockcom

Get Nutritional and Antifungal Benefits from Celery

Celery has some of the highest levels of antifungal properties, as well as high levels of nutritional lipids, protein, vitamin C, copper, zinc and phosphorous. Read More » 



Use Pumpkin Seed Oil to Dodge Hypertension

Postmenopausal women are more likely to develop hypertension than men their age, but taking pumpkin seed oil daily may head off that condition. Read More » 


Scarlett Lewis  and pirtussShutterstockcom

Choosing Love: How to Cope With Fearful Times

Scarlett Lewis, the mother of a 6-year-old killed during the Sandy Hook tragedy, explains how we can choose love instead of fear in response to the anxiety and suffering in today’s world. Read More » 


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