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Change Your Life with INTENTION

Feb 01, 2020 11:38AM ● By Terry Chriswell
An INTENTION is not a goal or a to-do list. It’s not a simple thought or action, and it does not arise from willpower. The way to change your life with INTENTION is to bring your heart into it.

INTENTION is a focused desire that brings heart and mind energy into coherence for effortless manifestation. I’ve been playing with heart-mind coherence ever since seeing author/speaker
Gregg Braden at the Althea Center in Denver. It is a 3-minute practice once per day in which you focus on your heart center, breathe deeply, and think of someone or something that brings you to a feeling of love or similar emotion (The states for greatest coherence are gratitude, care,
compassion and appreciation).

The results have been amazing. I’ve felt increased intuition, incredible internal expansion, and downloads of information from Universal energy which I know to be true and valid. This is how I came to understand that INTENTION – which includes energy from the heart – can help
you create your heaven on Earth. 

• It is a simple, strong, succinct, and somewhat specific statement.
• It must be powered by the heart. Heart coherence help make this connection by focusing on some form of love, including gratitude, care, compassion, and appreciation.
• It will FEEL uplifting!
• It IS the act of Choice.
• Make your INTENTION something you want the Universe to say “YES” to, because it will!

Within heart-mind coherence, you declare your intentions: “I INTEND to be fit, strong and healthy so I can shine with the light of Spirit; have more energy and feel younger; and move
forward to live the life of my dreams.” 

Perform this practice every time before taking the action needed. Intentionality cures every thought. If you’ve ever felt guilty watching a movie when there’s work to be done, you no longer think that way. “I intend to have fun by watching this movie.” “I intend to rest and relax by reading this book for an hour.” “I intend to have fun and bond more deeply with my loved
one by playing this video game.” There’s space in life for everything you desire, as long as your INTENTION is coming from the heart.

INTENTIONAL living is mindful and purposeful, so that your daily life is no longer about the same old habits and routines. You are creating a powerful connection between Spirit, mind and body working in tandem to manifest the life of your dreams.

Terry Chriswell is the publisher of Mile High Natural Awakenings and the author of Moving Toward Happy, a book in progress, which now needs a better section on intention. She can be reached at [email protected]
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