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Functional Medicine Practitioners Solve the Puzzle

Mar 02, 2020 11:58AM ● By Terry Chriswell
Our current healthcare system compartmentalizes the body and addresses symptoms instead of the root cause of diseases and conditions.

When one sees a Medical Doctor the training is very linear: A + B = C. You have these symptoms therefore here is your label and your medication for that label. They are not looking to get to the root, they are looking to control the symptoms.

Functional Medicine Practitioners see the body as one whole unit and each client as an individual. They strive to get to the root of an individual’s health conditions. FMP’s learn: how the body works together; how the domino effect happens when people get ill; and how to identify the root of that domino effect.

Many people never find relief for their aliments and become attached to a label because they have been given a cookie-cutter diagnosis. However, 100 people could have the same diagnosis based on their symptoms and they could all have a different root cause for those symptoms. But, we must always learn the “why.” Why do you have digestive issues? Why do you have a thyroid condition? Why are your hormones out of balance? Why do you have constant fatigue and poor sleep?

FMP’s collect all the data to solve the puzzle. They review lab reports, health history, symptoms, various things a person has tried and how their body has reacted to those interventions. Once everything is out on the table, the correlations can be found and an individualized program can be created.

FMP’s do not take insurance because they are not legally allowed to do so, although you can use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or FLEX dollars. Keeping the insurance companies OUT of your health decisions means we can focus on the best possible care plan for the individual.

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