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Healing Anxiety with Food

Mar 02, 2020 01:09PM ● By Terry Chriswell
Since early 2019, Doug and I have embraced much of the advice found in the books of Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium. We drink 16 oz of celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach; we love starting our days with warm lemon/honey/ginger water upon waking; and heavy metal detox smoothies are a delicious staple based on wild blueberries, bananas and orange. While we focus on good, plant-based foods, we also avoid foods that exacerbate symptoms like migraines, low energy, and especially anxiety. That means we avoid eggs, gluten, dairy, pork, soy, corn and a few more.

The results have been amazing: more energy, clarity of thought, better skin and digestion, lessened frequency and pain of migraines; less body aches and more. But I’d been burdened by chronic anxiety; an anxiety I felt was bleeding over into other aspects of my life like an unconscious snowball rolling steadily downhill. It was hard to suppress, hard to accept and nearly impossible to loosen its grip.

After an energy healing, I felt intensely compelled to eat primarily apples, bananas, oranges, avocado, tomatoes, berries, dates and potatoes for several weeks. At the time, I could tolerate almost nothing else. When I realized how my anxiety was non-existent, I looked in William’s book Life-Changing Foods and found that these were the foods he recommends for anxiety! I completely gave up what little dairy, eggs, gluten and coffee I still had in my diet.

Wow. My anxiety is gone. Sometimes, I can feel a little pulse in my torso when something comes to mind, like a meeting or paying bills. But it’s just a little flutter. It went from being a monster to an ant – and I can work with ants. I don’t believe the healing would have worked without the cleansing action of my mostly-fruit diet for those weeks.

I would have never thought that my diet was as big a contributing factor to my anxiety as my thoughts. It underscores that we are complex beings that require a holistic approach to life and healing. But the best part isn’t the absence of suffering. It’s that hope and optimism for a better future began to fill in where anxiety used to live. It’s this hope, healing and happiness that we wish to share with every reader.

Terry Chriswell is the publisher of Mile High Natural Awakenings. She can be
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