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YOUR MOONTIME MAGIC: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Your Period and Loving Your Body

Mar 03, 2020 11:46AM ● By Terry Chriswell

YOUR MOONTIME MAGIC: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Your Period and Loving Your Body

By Maureen Theresa Smith

What if girls were taught to get excited about their first periods? What if women celebrated and nurtured themselves during their menstrual cycle every month? Author Maureen Theresa Smith wants to change the way Western culture talks about periods and her book Your Moontime Magic: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Your Period and Loving Your Body (New World Library, February 11, 2020) does just that.

In her playful, accessible writing, Maureen makes sure her readers have the tools they need to create a life full of happiness, magic, and celebration, including lots of ways to cultivate fun, creativity, and wisdom during moontime and throughout life, both independently and with groups of girls.

Sections of the book include:

·         Moontime Journaling: Prompts for things to write to help you become all you dream of being.

·         Moontime Munchies: Recipes for delicious, nourishing foods you can make.

·         Moontime Moments: Things you can do to honor, empower, or pamper yourself.

·         Moontime Magic: Craft and self-care projects to adorn your home and your life.

·         Moontime Meditation: Practices to relax, quiet your mind, and spark your imagination.

·         Moontime Herstory: Stories of inspiring women to fuel your dreams.

·         Moontime Mythology: Moontime and goddess traditions from all over the world.

“The first moon is an experience shared by women since the beginning of humankind,” Maureen writes. “The nice thing is that because most women have or have had periods each month, we are united in the experience of the menstrual cycle. On the occasion of your first moon, you become part of the ever-growing and ever-changing circle of women and our personal and collective moontime magic!”


About the author:

Maureen Theresa Smith is the author of Your Moontime Magic and First Moon. She offers visionary coaching to girls and women in times of transition, as well as facilitating regular “Girls Circles” for tweens. She lives in Fairfax, California with her daughter Chloe. Find out more about her work at


Your Moontime Magic by Maureen Theresa Smith

February 11, 2020 • Young Adult • Trade Paperback/eBook • 176 pages

Price: $15.95 • ISBN 978-1-60868-668-1


Contact: Tristy Taylor, New World Library

800-972-6657 ext. 17

[email protected]


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