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COVID-19 Preparedness: Advice from a Qigong Master

Mar 13, 2020 04:24PM ● By Debra Allen

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The media is sensationalizing news of the nature and spread of the Novel Coronavirus and some of our family members and friends are in fear. It is reasonable to feel concern, but emotions such as anxiety, nervousness, fear and distrust only serve to harm health. All need to exercise proper self-care and trust to ensure a strong immune response.

Prevention and Preparedness

We can best protect ourselves and those we care for from being infected with Covid-19 and best prepare us to purge this virus from our systems, should we catch it, by exercising good personal health hygiene. These are the same measures that we use to guard our health from any upper and lower respiratory infection, whether its source is viral, bacterial, fungal or otherwise:

  1. Refuse to take on stress of any kind that fatigues you and lowers your immune response. Practice qigong, tai chi and yoga with the conscious intention of restoring your inner balance and harmony. Meditate on Life’s Goodness through centeredness and grounding.
  2. Plan a relaxation break into every day and take appropriate steps to provide yourself restorative sleep.
  3. Drink PLENTY of water -- 92 ounces for women and 108 ounces for men -- throughout each day to hydrate sufficiently and assist your body in flushing out toxins and other contaminants that weaken your health’s stamina.
  4. Eat a clean and healthy diet high in fiber and eliminate inflammatory foods such as those that contain sugar, dairy and gluten. Minimize your consumption of acidifying foods and reduce the amount of meat and seafood in a day to no more than 6 ounces. Get the remainder of your day’s amount of protein from plants, including nuts and seeds. Excessive inflammation lowers the immune response. Two-thirds of each meal should be dark green and leafy vegetables to supply your health with optimal antioxidant protection and pH-alkalinity.
  5. Exercise without strain to strengthen lung and heart health and functions.
  6. Take essential herbs, vitamins and minerals that provide you ample daily support in stress reduction and boosting your immune response. Enjoy a cup of two of ImmuniTea (see recipe). Its delightful flavors are very satisfying to the soul while fortifying the health and stamina of the spleen, kidneys and lungs to boost the immune response.
  7. Wash your hands properly every two hours with gentle soap and warm water.
  8. Sterilized countertops and frequently touched surfaces regularly. A helpful tip: Mix 10-15 drops of liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract with warm water in a small spray bottle to formulate an excellent disinfectant that promptly kills viruses, bacteria, parasites and other infectious microorganisms. Add the same solution into contaminated clothing and towels in the washer to eliminate germs.
  9. Avoid traveling through high-risk zones and don’t deprive yourself of enjoying travel and recreation in low-risk zones. A change in scenery is refreshing and reinvigorates your health and peace of mind.
  10. Exercise your belief in abundance. Stocking a month’s inventory of household supplies is more than ample, remember that your neighbors need some too.
  11. Breathe calmly and TRUST – trust that your vitality protects your health, trust that your inner warrior is resourceful and creative, trust that Life sustains your destiny, trust that Life is always actively nourishing and restoring balance for all living beings.


Debra Lin Allen is the founder/director of Chi Wellness, The Center of Qigong, at 4155 East Jewell Av., Ste 105, Denver. Contact her at 720.427.0406, [email protected] or See ad page x.


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