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Medical-Grade MMJ Device

Mar 25, 2020 04:29PM ● By Doug Zerbarini

For adults who find hope and healing from Medical Marijuana, there is a plethora of choices on how to ingest it. For those that smoke flower, many gravitate toward bongs - devices that filter and cool the smoke through water to reduce coughing and inhalation of particulates.

You have a lot of choices in materials and manufacturers of bongs. Borosilicate glass seems to be the gold standard over silicone and plastic for tight seal, good filtration, and fun designs. But these bongs - while beautiful - are delicate, expensive, and difficult to clean. 

Tokeware inventor Lonny Johnson has created an alternative design and materials that may be what you are looking for – an unbreakable, smooth-hitting medical grade device. He uses materials like milled aluminum coated with PTFE-free ceramic; medical-grade polycarbonate; and strategically-placed silicone.



The Tokeware Perfect Puffer arrives doubleboxed and well-protected. The embossed carry case beautifully presents the Perfect Puffer and its accessories in their respective foam cutouts. As it was pulled from its case, one reviewer remarked, “Wow, this is really solid.” It certainly looks unique, more like a boot. It was a little smaller than expected, but fit nice in the hand. The fit and finish was top-notch.

The instruction sheet and was impressive in its clarity and thoroughness. The instructions were full of clear language and full-color pictures that show how to take the Perfect Puffer apart, clean and put it together again. Links to the website and videos were helpful but not necessary. While new and different, it was surprisingly simple. 


First Dose

Upon first use, the carb hole is located right where your thumb naturally sits (if you’re right-handed) and allows the consumer to meter their dose by filling and clearing the main chamber. It hits smoothly and feels like a much bigger bong. There was no ashiness, just clean-tasting smoke. 

The smoke travels through an internal ash-catcher first, then through a stainless steel tube into the main water chamber and up to your lips. The carb brings fresh air into the other tube when you release it, clearing the water chamber. You can also put ice in the water chamber which really stayed cool due to the aluminum base and stainless tubing.


It took much longer for the water to become dirty due to the ash being filtered first. After a few weeks, and some intermittent emptying of the ash catcher, it was time to clean our Perfect Puffer. Uniquely, the Perfect Puffer simply pulls apart via internal magnets to expose the ash catcher. One simply drops it into the included container, cover with the included isopropyl alcohol, and soaked/shaken until for clean. Clean the glass bowl the same way and also wipe out the internal chamber. This reviewer liked that even the clear poly water chamber comes apart so it can be wiped out easily.  


Overall Impressions

It seems like a great deal at $149 and there are sometimes sales and discounts. The price was comparable to entry level borosilicate glass, but with a piece that should last pretty much forever. It is very stable on its heavy flat base and even sits confidently on a couch or bed without spilling. The smoke was cool and cleaner than other devices. 

We found ourselves reaching for the Perfect Puffer more often than any other device. And we liked that it functions and looks like a serious medical device, not a Cheech & Chong prop.

Contact Lonny Johnson at [email protected]

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