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IN THIS ISSUE : April 2020

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April's Publishers' Letter & Happiness Corner

Staying in Peace

Try these practices daily – or like us, multiple times daily – to stay in peace and harmony with the intense energy happening around our planet right now. 

Be present. THIS moment is all we have. There will never be another one. (Eckhart Tolle) The
challenge is to think less about future fears or past grievances so you can appreciate who and
what is around you right now. Appreciate the clothes, food, home, warmth, clients and
friends and family you have. While there are plans and goals, stay present in your moment and follow your heart’s intuition as to what your next steps may be.

Be mindful. Now that you’re in your moment, slow down. Take the time to really notice what you are doing and thinking, and how you are feeling. You can’t see the beauty in everyday things and people if you are rushing around to be productive. Choose to see the best in people, places and things rather than their flaws or quirks. Choose to see the beauty in your life as it unfolds while thinking the thoughts that feel the best. (Abraham Hicks) Stay in your heart by feeling love, appreciation, gratitude, and care as often as possible (see free heart-mind coherence exercises on

Breathe. The Breath has been called “the Name of God.” At least five seconds in and five seconds out will automatically start bringing your heart into coherent rhythms, and helps your mind and body feel safe. If I am the ‘instrument,’ it is the Breath of God that plays the beautiful music through me. 

Trust in the Universe. The Unseen is vastly more important than the seen. Faith is literally, “the belief in the unseen.” Trust that unseen, unconditionally- loving forces use EVERYTHING to help you along in your evolutionary path. NO-thing is against you. You can get out of their way of manifesting positive things for you by being as positive as possible while moving in the
direction of excitement and inspiration.

Negative thoughts are lies. Whenever you think thoughts that don’t make you feel good, know that they are lies made up by your egoic mind to keep you small and safe. Fear is a tool of mind control. The choice of our thoughts can the hardest to make! Instead, for every negative thought, flip it into a positive one: I am healthy. I am loved. I am supported fully by the Universe.
This is all going to work out in my favor. Make a list if you have to. Believe these – they are the truth.

Local articles are all listed here:

Classes in Chi Stamina Prepare Us for Lifes Surprises

Classes in Chi Stamina Prepare Us for Life’s Surprises

Chi Wellness, The Center of Qigong at 4155 East Jewell Avenue, Suite 105, in Denver offers classes, workshops and retreats in Qigong Self-care as well as professional certifications in M... Read More » 


Harness the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Harness the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Become a more EMPOWERED you! Join the Empowerment Partnership for an Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training in Denver April 30-May 3, at the Sheraton Denver Tech Center. Read More » 


Soul Star Holistic Healing Arts Accepting New Clients

Soul Star Holistic Healing Arts Accepting New Clients

Connie Larkin, Reiki Master with Soul Star Inc., is now accepting new clients in the Denver area at 899 N Logan Street. While she doesn’t make house calls, remote healing is available. Read More » 


Photo by CDC on Unsplash

COVID-19 Preparedness: Advice from a Qigong Master

These are the same measures that we use to guard our health from any upper and lower respiratory infection, whether its source is viral, bacterial, fungal or otherwise: Read More » 


Remote Healing During Social Distancing

Remote Healing During Social Distancing

Since the outbreak of coronavirus and warnings to avoid crowds and stay home now is the perfect time to consider remote healing. Read More » 



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CBD’s New Frontier: Help for Mental Health

CBD is known to help alleviate physical pain, but newer research shows its promising effectiveness as a remedy for mental health-related issues, including anxiety, depression and stress. Read More » 


Africa StudioShutterstockcom

Unsafe Sipping: Widespread Drinking Water Contamination Found

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has found contamination of U.S. drinking water with manmade “forever chemicals” to be much worse than estimated. Read More » 


Markus MainkaShutterstockcom

Plastics Adios: Mexicans Return to Old Ways After Ban

A new law bans popular plastic bags in the Mexican capital, as well as handing out plastic straws, spoons, coffee capsules and other single-use items by 2021. Read More » 



Cool Solution: Biodegradable Cooler Keeps Food Cold and Dry

Igloo has introduced a new, biodegradable cooler made out of paraffin wax and recycled tree pulp called Recool. Read More » 


Daniele COSSUShutterstockcom

Climate Warriors Unite: A Call to Action

Awakened by personal concerns and ignited by emerging role models like Greta Thunberg, activists of all ages are learning how to become effective climate change warriors. Read More » 


painting by Josie Martin

Planet Rescue: Grassroots Strategies Combat Climate Crisis

Around the globe, green activists of all ages are taking unified action to protect our planet against climate change with resolve, passion, and creativity. Read More » 

Quang HoShutterstockcom

Take Echinacea to Reduce Anxiety

Echinacea angustifolia root extract may be helpful for situation-induced anxiety, indicates a new study. Read More » 


Gamzova OlgaShutterstockcom

Consume Grape Seed Extract to Improve Cholesterol and Lower Inflammation

Grape seed extract significantly improves both total and LDL cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels, and lowers markers of inflammation. Read More » 


Olga DanylenkoShutterstockcom

Making Luck: An Intentional Path to Good Fortune

Research shows that we can, and in fact already do make our own luck. Here's how to quickly, with a little conscious attention, change your luck. Read More » 


Smiling Sun by Kay Larch

Raised in Southern California by two artists, Kay Larch says she didn’t follow in their footsteps. She grew up, started a family, moved to South Carolina and built a daycare center that she owned and operated. She filled the center with wall murals and did painting activities and after-school art classes with the kids, but she never considered herself an artist. She found ways to express her creative need for colorful and elaborate surroundings through painting projects she did for fun. 

One day, Larch decided to create a series of acrylic paintings on canvas. Out of curiosity, she submitted her work to a gallery. It was accepted for a show, which led to being featured in an article about the museum, interviews, commissioned work, more shows and the launching of her career as an artist at age 54. Larch is immersed in the art community, has added oil painting and drawing to her repertoire, and creates in a variety of styles. Her acrylic paintings have a comic-book style, while her oil paintings lean more toward realism. She admits she was influenced by growing up as a California hippie, traveling to Tijuana and seeing the vibrant colors of Mexican folk art and simply being an imaginative person. Her work has been featured in galleries, businesses and magazines and she sells original paintings, prints, greeting cards and a line of coloring books, in addition to commissioned work for people all around the world.

Find Kay Larch on Instagram (@KayLarch Studio) or connect at

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