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Remote Healing During Social Distancing

Apr 01, 2020 06:27PM ● By Connie Larkin
Since the outbreak of coronavirus and warnings to avoid crowds and stay home now is the perfect time to consider remote healing.

Remote healing is an energetic healing process that operates under the principles of quantum physics. This process has been proven to be extremely effective, sometimes even more effective than local, hands-on healing. Reiki level II practitioners have been attuned to an ancient distance symbol. When invoked, this symbol allows healing Reiki energy to be sent across time and space in order to heal remotely.

Energy does not require proximity nor touch in order to offer healing. Practitioners create a sacred space by connecting/linking into the vibratory energy signature of the client using standard hand positions. Many Reiki healers use their inner senses to guide them to where or what is needed. Some practitioners are so connected to the client that they actually feel what the client is feeling during the session.

While within the energetic field of a client, the practitioner can shift/remove blockages in their being (mind, body, spirit). The healing occurs in the layer(s) where it is most needed. The energetic body can only handle so much healing within a session, and your practitioner will know when it is time to stop.

Prior to receiving remote healing the client needs to give permission. You can easily set up a session by booking online. As a practitioner I find having a photo of the eyes intensifies my connection. We will start with a conversation on desires of the healing and possible expectations. To prepare on your end, you should be in a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. Ideally, it’s best to be lying down.

Now is the time to do everything possible to maintain peak health. Consider a Remote Healing while practicing your “social distancing.”

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