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5 Steps to Greater Internal Alignment

5 Steps to Greater Internal Alignment

Women face a unique paradox in the world today. On the one hand, we have more opportunities than ever before. We have an extraordinarily wide variety of options which can be both exciting... Read More » 

Reiki  Crystal Therapy

Reiki & Crystal Therapy

Crystals & gems are a part of the earth itself. One third of the composition of the planet is made of quartz which is itself composed of silica and water - and these are also major compon... Read More » 

Happiness Corner Escaping the Fearful Monkey Mind

Happiness Corner: Escaping the Fearful Monkey Mind

I woke up with a start the other day feeling anxious - thinking of all the things I have to get done; wondering how I’m going to get through another day; and how am I going to manage an u... Read More » 


Medical-Grade MMJ Device

Medical-Grade MMJ Device

For adults who find hope and healing from Medical Marijuana, there is a plethora of choices on how to ingest it. For those that smoke flower, many gravitate toward bongs - devices that fi... Read More » 



Virus Fighters: Essential Oils for Challenging Times

In these coronavirus days, an essential oil mixture offers soothing scents for the homebound and might add some viral protection. Here's a DIY recipe to make a Thieves blend at home. Read More » 



Healing the Immune System: Autoimmune Breakthroughs Offer New Hope

How diet and lifestyle can play a role in autoimmune conditions and other disease treatments and prevention tips, giving patients new avenues for taking charge of their health. Read More » 



Finding Calm During Trying Times

How the global pandemic can serve as our spiritual wake-up call to learn how different traditions heal from life-shattering events. Read More » 



Watch Out: Rapid Weather Changes Boost Flu Risk

Rapid weather swings as a result of climate change raise the risk of flu virus infections and epidemics, reports a study. Read More » 


 Ljupco SmokovskiShutterstockcom

Tuck Kids In Early to Reduce Depression and Cognitive Issues

Fewer than seven hours of sleep for a child is linked to anxiety, depression, impulsiveness and cognitive difficulties and also impacts a child’s brain structure. Read More » 


Diana TaliunShutterstockcom

Jolly Good: King of Bhutan Requests Selfless Gift

For his 40th birthday, the King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, asked his people to either plant a tree, adopt a stray animal or clean up their neighborhood in his honor. Read More » 



Financial Fix: Great Britain Coal Use Falls With Carbon Tax

A tax on carbon dioxide emissions in Great Britain has led to the proportion of electricity generated from coal falling from 40 percent to 3 percent over six years. Read More » 



Passing Gas: Seaweed Lowers Cows’ Methane Emissions

If Australia can grow enough of the puffy, pink Asparagopsis taxiformis seaweed for every cow in the country, they could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent. Read More » 


Maria SbytovaShutterstockcom

Wild Things: Wildness a Big Factor in Urban Parks

A study finds that wildness in urban areas is profoundly important for human well-being, impacting both physical and mental health. Read More » 


Luis Molinero Shutterstockcom

Dancing To Your Own Drummer: The Healing Power of Movement

How the healing power of dance can help with many health issues, from depression, eating disorders and addiction to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer and more. Read More » 


Jonathan Safran Foer on Conscious Eating to Save the Planet

Jonathan Safran Foer on Conscious Eating to Save the Planet

Bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer's most recent book, We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast, discusses how we can fight climate change with our food choices. Read More » 


arilyn barboneShutterstockcom

Eat Less Sulfur Amino Acids to Reduce Heart Disease Risk

A plant-based diet low in such sulfur amino acid foods as meat, dairy, nuts and soy may be key to lowering the risk of heart disease. Read More » 


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