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JUNE 2020 Publishers' Letter: Embracing the Blank Slate

The planet and her inhabitants have entered a phase of tremendous growth and change that has become obvious during the global pandemic. Many people are experiencing vivid dreams; powerful old emotions resurfacing for healing; odd physical sensations; renewed appreciation for nature; and a growing compassion for each other. It’s NOT all in your head.

If you feel as if your life’s foundation has shifted, it’s because it has. Some can only react to change with fear, desperately seeking to hang on to the “way it used to be.” They deserve compassion, because we can all understand fear in the face of an uncertain future.

But we’ve also received a great GIFT. When everything known has been thrown into turmoil, you have the chance to reinvent yourself by letting go of how you defined and limited your life, happiness and authentic self. This uncertain future is a blank slate on which we can write a new script.

Anything is possible going forward! You are NOW FREE to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE the who and the how and the what you are! You do not have to be ruled by how you used to do things, how you used to react, who you were in relationships or with jobs in the past.

What dreams did you have 10-20-30 years ago? What inspiration have you left behind that you can now embrace? The time is NOW. You have a unique expression that is beautiful. You no longer need to be placed in a box, a cubicle, or a pre-defined role. You ARE good enough, you ARE valuable, you ARE important, and you ARE NEEDED! Your light is unlike any other. The time is NOW to create your own authentic label, not to merely accept the one placed upon you by the past, by conditioning or habit, by society, parents, the educational system, or the government.

The time is NOW to cry out the old tears so that new enthusiasm and joy can enter your heart, directing you to ever-expansive actions and ways of Being. Follow that bliss to reinvent yourself as a digital marketer, a gardener, a healer, a helper, a volunteer, a musician, a writer. You don’t have to figure it all out, you just have to CHOOSE the next highest joyful action and follow the inspiration without doubting yourself.

We believe with great hope that these things will become easier to allow in the coming months and years - that great ideas and people will arise in society bringing equality, peace, justice, hope, joy and fulfillment in this Age of Aquarius. If you are unsure of where to start, connect to your highest self via Heart-Mind coherence.

We’ll greet you with open arms in our shared Golden Future.

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