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What Do I Do Now? 5 Questions for Reinventing Ourselves

Jun 01, 2020 04:12PM ● By Renee Ellis
What Do I Do Now? 5 Questions for Reinventing Ourselves

In recent months, life has changed and there is a lot of variability in our experience. Many have lost jobs while others are desperately overworked. Some are fearful and others are defiant. Regardless of our experience, from this point forward our lives will be different and we find ourselves asking, “What do I do now”?

Many of us will be reinventing some aspect of life going forward. Sudden unforeseen change can be really enlightening and the reinvention that follows is a process. Try asking yourself these five questions about the last few months:

1) What did you let go of during this time? Your first responses might be something like “wearing pants” or “showering.” Digging a little deeper, maybe you let go of feeling the need to be busy all the time, all the errands you used to run just to have something to do or you let your inner task master take a break.

2) What did you embrace? Maybe you dove into cooking with your kids, family dinners, gardening or caring for your home. Or maybe you’ve been able to embrace your night owl nature or have been happily surprised as you expanded your comfort with and interest in technology.

3) What have you missed? Perhaps you’ve longed to browse a bookstore, babysitting for the neighbors, the “how was your weekend” talk at work and even just the feeling of freedom in waking each day and having lots of choices for how you spend it.

4) What have you NOT missed? Maybe you’ve not missed certain aspects of your job, commuting or weekly trips to the grocery store. For some, it’s been a relief to not have to come up with excuses and ways to say no to invitations or obligations. 5What has given you joy? Difficult times can highlight the simple joys that speak to us like hearing birds sing, having a cat in your lap or a dog at your feet, painting a wall or an organized closet.

Answers to these questions tell us about how to shape our lives. They give us a beginning for our reinvention and where we go from here. We don’t think our way through reinvention - at least not initially, but rather we observe and listen and feel and this is the perfect time.

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