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Mile High Natural Awakenings


Jul 02, 2020 06:40PM ● By Terry Chriswell

• One of the most fun elements of festivals is donning colorful, crazy makeup or outfits. Just because you’ll be sticking to your living room doesn’t mean you can’t go all out! Take some time before the event to put on your favorite party clothes and accessories.

• What is a festival without vibrant light shows? While you likely don’t have the technology for a full-on light show, you can still make your space groovier by putting up colorful lights. Even Christmas lights would do the trick!

• Bring all your friends together on Zoom or another video chatting app to catch the performances. Catching the shows with friends and other loved ones will make the events seem more social.

• If your friends aren’t the online festival type, use social media to connect with strangers. Whether just venting about the pandemic or raving about the most recent show, connecting with people right now is more important than ever and social media is the perfect place for it. Shows are often streamed over Twitch, which has a built-in chat feature for the audience.
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