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Sep 02, 2020 10:32AM ● By Terry Chriswell
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Publshers' Letter: HOME SWEET HOME
We confess; we haven’t exactly hated being home more. It’s been nice to slow down and be more present. We’ve been making lots of changes at our house; how about you?

The changes we mention are thoughtful and important, and we’d like to share them with you:

1 When the toilet paper shortage happened, we almost immediately switched to a type of bidet system. To most Americans this is weird, but it is so much cleaner and more ecologically sustainable. And we’re NEVER going back! Especially after learning how much virgin and boreal forest is still being destroyed so we can literally wipe our butts with Mother Earth.

2 We threw away the last of our scratchy, old pots and pans with PFOA non-stick coatings, and now use stainless steel and ceramic. 3 We also enjoy near daily wild blueberry smoothies with heavy metal-chelating ingredients as per Anthony William. We want to keep our health robust – physically, mentally and emotionally.

4 We replaced all our food storage containers with metal and glass, reusing all the plastic in our garden. We are slowly but surely evolving away from plastic wrap, and bought silicone, reusable covers for leftovers on plates.

5 We are trying new toothpastes that don’t contain fluoride nor use plastic packaging. No more neurotoxic fluoride for us! (It has been proven to calcify the pineal gland or Third Eye.)

6 We’ve been cleaning, selling and donating all the stuff we never use, and buying stuff locally and/or secondhand that inspires us. We found a beautiful Tibetan singing bowl and a natural coffee alternative at For Heaven’s Sake Bookstore.

7 We started a “trial” garden. By that, we decided we wouldn’t get upset if all of the plants died – we’re not really green thumbs by nature. With that said, we’ve been eating the most flavorful and delicious tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers! Can’t wait to see how the potatoes, sweet potatoes and watermelon go. It is so fun to nurture and watch your food grow. There are more videos and information on growing a garden then you can ever go through. We love Hollis and Nancy’s Homestead on

We hope you are enjoying every moment!

Develop Your Telepathic Abilities

Develop Your Telepathic Abilities

Lindsay McGowen, Professional Intuitive Channel, is now offering her flagship telepathy class live via Zoom. Read More » 


The CHOICE To Heal From Loss

The CHOICE To Heal From Loss

We Humans are pretty remarkable. Everyone experiences some kind of loss – a relationship, a career, a home, a dream, a way of life or our health status. In the depths of our pain, we won... Read More » 


Mask Eco-Disposal: How to Dispose of Antiviral Wear

Eco-friendly, sustainable ways to dispose of discarded antiviral protective face masks in a safe, responsible manner to avoid littering the planet. Read More » 


anna shvets fr Pexelscom

Nurses Stand Up Against Climate Change

Conscientious nurses have formed the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and partnered with Project Drawdown to significantly impact climate change and create a healthier future. Read More » 



Emotional Well-Being in the Pandemic Age: Self-Care Strategies for Tough Times

Healthy ways to cope with the stress the pandemic has placed on mental and emotional health using self-care and compassion strategies to build up confidence, courage and positivity. Read More » 



Sea Turtles Attracted to Deadly Ocean Plastic

Study finds that loggerhead turtles are attracted to ocean plastic they've confused as food, causing 1,000 to die each year from consuming plastic or getting tangled up in it. Read More » 


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