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Centering Stress

Oct 01, 2020 07:05PM ● By Ron Liggett
All beings experience stress as forces, seen and unseen, expressed through the Law of Polarity. Sometimes we are loving and open one day, anxious and fearful the next. Or we’re judging and critical in the morning, but accepting and relaxed in the afternoon.

Since we can’t escape this ocean of vibration, what are the choices? Buddhists might say to seek the “Middle Way,” the resting point between the poles where energy is neutral. Yogis could encourage us to stay in a sattvic state and avoid over-stimulation (rajasic energy) or getting stuck (tamasic energy). A rabbi reminds you of the Shema. A priest suggests practicing centering prayer. A shaman’s drum guides you home. Meditation can help focus our disturbed energy by raising it up in the astral spine where the feminine and masculine currents find balance and we can then direct the personality energies from the third eye area.

As the evolutionary current increases our awareness, we continually experience a wider context for the drama of human life. Knowing, seeing, feeling this wider context or heighted awareness automatically centers us and helps relieve the stressful pushpull we all struggle with. The operative healing word then becomes detachment. Detachment of a loving grandparent watching the play of toddlers and protecting, guiding and assisting as needed.

Let’s find our center and live from there. The heart knows what to do.

Ron Liggett, Spiritualist Minister, intuitive counselor, energy worker, gives talks about the emergence of the World Teacher, the Masters of Wisdom and the coming changes. [email protected] or 303-819-2100.
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