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Revolution of the Heart

Jan 29, 2021 12:28PM ● By Terry Chriswell
“Isn’t now the perfect time to re-invent yourself?”

That’s what Renee Ellis, founder of Live Your Knowing Counseling in Denver is asking women. As a professional counselor} for nearly 20 years, she should know about re-invention…and she’s experiencing a “revolution of the heart” that many women are now, too.

“Due to the pandemic, many clients are changing their idea of what constitutes a successful
life,” Renee says. She also did some soul searching of her own and realized her happy place is helping women transform their hearts and lives to reflect their calling, purpose and service.

As a professional counselor, she asked herself these questions:

What gives me energy, and how can I continue to expand and do more of that?

What is holding me back, and how can I course-correct and understand myself better?

When do I feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m here to do and what’s happening in those moments?

How can I care for myself and my wishes for my life without losing sight of my desire to be of service?

How can I add to the light of the world and be of service in a way that’s fulfilling and meaningful?

Renee often walks clients through the exploration of similar questions. She also listens and feels for where the energy, clarity and truth are in what clients share with her.

“Helping women transform is especially meaningful to me. Growing up, I watched one parent live out a passion at the expense of family, and the other work to survive the struggles of single parenthood. Neither were fulfilled and both paths took a toll. That wisdom and experience has shaped how I help my clients,” says Renee.  "No one should have to live in a box. We all have the potential for transformation.”

Additionally, Renee says, “In facilitating transformation, my role is not just to help women to live their best lives, but also to turn purpose into service, which is where real change and healing happens. It’s the idea of helping clear the emotional clutter and connect with what calls women into a satisfying life but not stopping there. The next step is to ask, with newfound clarity and passion, how do I serve?”

If you are having a revolution of the heart, says Renee, following this path often means confronting stories about our self-worth, our identity, our history, our co-dependence, and how we’ve stifled our creativity and our dreams. Following this path means building a different relationship with ourselves, and often, with our spirituality. Following this path means finding our truth and our magnificence. “And this is the work I love.”

Renee offers a complimentary consultation to help you discover if counseling is a good option for you. For scheduling or questions, [email protected] or call or text Renee at 720- 984-9575.
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