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March 2021 Publishers' Letter:  Why Should You Care?

Why should you care about things like “regenerative farming?” In this month’s feature, we learn that 1/3 of the Earth is now considered desert - and humans have caused most of these deserts to come about! Regenerative farming is likely the answer to restoring the land and cooling the Earth.

Deserts are not just places like the Gobi, Sahara and Sonora, but most of Midwestern farmland that looks “green” from 30,000 feet! Below, the annual “corn sweat heat dome” (so named by the summer weather pattern they create by overwatering this parched, hardened land) is actually a vast sanitized and depleted swath of our country. The soil is tilled repeatedly, saturated with fertilizers and pesticides, devoid of all life but the single organism. This Frankenfood is Genetically Modified to withstand tons of petro-chemicals. Nothing else lives here. It is a desert.
Gone is the robust tangle of life and chaos that is self-sustaining. The interplay of fungus, bacteria, insects, animals, worms are what naturally aerates, fortifies, and nourishes the earth. It becomes loamy and fertile. This enables it to hold water and nutrients necessary for life. This is the foundation for ALL life. All of these things coexist to produce a synergy – a result greater than the sum of its parts.
When they have reintroduced beaver to some areas, they have also rehabilitated the land. When the build their homes, they dig deeper channels in their ponds to keep cool, avoid predators, and have a deeper spot to hide. These deeper ponds become valuable water sources during drought allowing deeper-rooted trees and shrubs to anchor the soil. This leads to more abundant wildlife, rodents, coyote, hawk and deer – and a cooler Earth.
Michael Pollan and his books have been talking about this for years. You don’t farm the food, you farm the soil!
Ronnie Cummings of The Organic Consumer Association has been focused on these issues for years and deserve more support.
The Institute for Responsible Technology has been leading the charge to roll back GMOs in our food supply – rightfully so!
Support them and support LOCAL food, farmers markets and regenerative ranchers and farmers.

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