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Homeopathy for Trauma and Grief

Apr 05, 2021 02:35PM ● By Laurie Wheeler

We all know that strong emotions such as overwhelming fear or grief, can affectour systems rapidly and biochemically, thereby producing a physical reaction.  In longer term, acute emotional pain can then lead to chronic physical illness. 

As a homeopath, we often treat clients suffering years of chronic illness which began after some traumatic event such as the death of a loved one, the break-up of a relationship, or severe fright.  

I remember a client appearing at my door two years after she was at an outdoor concert and a man open fired with a gun, killing 18 people.  She said “the sound of gun fire still resounds in her ears.”  Sometimes it can even begin after something that seemed relatively simple at the time, such as starting a new job, moving to a new house or school or children leaving the nest.  

One important note here is, the sooner the emotion is addressed, the easier it is to release the trauma.  This helps to prevent an individual internalizing their emotions and co-expressing it on other levels, then leading to more chronic health problems.  

The following are some emotional states that can be helped and treated with Homeopathy.

 Fright and Fear

 Any sudden fright or even a prolonged state of intense anxiety or fear will respond well to Homeopathic medicine known as Aconite.  This is chosen when something happens unexpectedly and has a very high impact within the vital force of a person.  There is often a fear of death or safety or others safety associated with this remedy.  It can usually be taken in a 200c potency, although if you can only find a 30c then that will do.  This is given in half hour intervals, until the person is feeling more calm.

 Another remedy, Stramonium, can be taken if someone is re-living a fear and it is recurring.  A woman revealed she was very frightful when taking out the garbage in her backyard at nightfall, as she had experienced something frightening as a young girl which stayed with her for many years.  This remedy was able to release that fear for her.


If there are no other Homeopathic medicines available to you except Arnica...then give it in all cases of emotional shock and trauma as quick as possible and in the highest potency that you may have.  Ideally, it should be given, in this situation of fear, in a 1M potency but a 200c will do as well, and given for a few days to all that have experienced some trauma.  This is an amazing medicine for so many situations, and not only emotional shock but physically.  I feel so strongly about this remedy, that no one should leave home without it.

Acute Grief

 Grief usually begins in an acute setting and through loss.  But an acute grief state can also arise when a sudden or unexpected circumstance leads to the loss of someone or something dear to a person – a home, someone in the community, a parent/child, or a friend.  All relate to grief and can be treated with the Homeopathic medicine, Ignatia – given for acute grief in a 30c or 200c potency until a person is feeling relief.  Depending on the individual and their sensitivity, it can be given in a 1M potency and usually only once may be necessary.  This will help the person process their grief and begin to cope with what their feeling.  

Acute Anxiety

 This type of anxiety can come up in many types of situations.  After the trauma of this past summer where some had lost their home in a fire, fleeing in extreme fear and experiencing loss of life .  The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is always great to carry in your purse or have in the cabinet at home.  I've even used it when transplanting my plants to a larger pot. I use about 7 drops in a bottle of water and it can be sipped on throughout the day.  It seems to ground and grab a hold of a person to calm them.  Also the Australian Bush Flower, Grey Spider Flower is good for immediate immobilising panick and fear.  

Additionally, in a panicked state or if nightmares arise from a trauma, a person will respond well to the Homeopathic remedy Arsenicum or Aconite 30c.  Often this fear is felt in the gut and can be accompanied by diarrhea or nausea.  If feeling a quick heartbeat, arising from panic, then Aconite is the recommended choice.  It can be taken several times per day until symptoms subside. 

These Homeopathic remedies are available in many stores today and really make a great difference to a person who is experiencing trauma, anxiety or fear.  As with most trauma, it comes unexpectedly and so it wise to have them on-hand, rather than to find one after the fact.  

If a person is still experiencing affects from trauma, grief or fear, beyond what I've mentioned above, it is best to consult a Homeopathic practitioner for further analysis and a well-suited remedy.

For further information on Homeopathic treatment, contact Laurie D. Wheeler of WellnessWithin @ 207-251-1802 or  She is a 25 year transformational holistic practitioner restoring the whole person through holistic medicine and DreamVision work.



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