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July 2021 Publishers' Letter: 

Happiness Depends on YOU

The feature article for August, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your World” reminds us of a phrase we’ve heard: If you want to change the reflection in a mirror, you have to change the object causing the reflection.

This can be difficult to understand because we live in a world of what we can see and touch, so we look OUTWARD, but that will only take us so far. That’s not to say that changing your outer world is a bad thing; on the contrary, you should always do what you are inspired to do. We can’t tell you how much happier we are living in Colorado vs living in Florida. Yes, those outer things can improve your lifestyle and your outlook.

However, we can tell you from experience that looking INWARD will lead to much richer rewards. Could you use some peace and clarity? How about a better relationship with yourself and others, and an understanding about yourself that will empower and motivate you to not just change your world, but also the lives of others?

 How can you do that? In conjunction with the excellent suggestions from the feature article on page 12, we offer this advice:

Become hyper-aware of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions (TFWA). Notice the amount of negative TFWA you are expressing. If your expressions are more negative than positive, start controlling your TFWA. You have the power simply by noticing what doesn’t feel good to you. Question everything until you know why you do what you do.  Once you understand why, you are able to process and release outdated programming that no longer serves you.

Feed yourself more positive and loving energy. Whether you know it or not, you are impacted by energy all around you – it doesn’t matter if it comes out of a friend’s mouth or your phone. Spend less time with anything that incites fear or anxiety. Spend time in activities that make you feel positive and loving, which will not only change your energy, but will impact the world around you more than you know.

Gratitude. Jumpstart inner change by noticing and expressing your thanks for all that you have and are. We often look past our blessings and just see our flaws and what’s missing, but in truth, most of us have and ARE so much more.

Abundant love and blessings to you, dear readers. Enjoy August!

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