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Mile High Natural Awakenings

Rev. Cindy Pincus, M.Div

Kardia Lumina

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Founded 2019

You're doing your work because you love the world, not because you hate it. But like many folks - teachers, attorneys, ministers, caregivers, entrepeneurs - you're probably experiencing burnout in work you once loved, or thought you would love more. Or maybe your home, personal relationships, or even hobbies feel like they're stuck in a deep rut. Even so, joy is your birthright and the world needs it more than your despair.

I work with anyone seeking spiritual support in one-hour sessions over Zoom, FaceTime, or in person if you're in the Denver/Boulder area.. Together we retell your story, discover your stage in The Hero*ine’s Journey, and then create meaningful, back-pocket spiritual practices for resilience in doing your work. I also work with folks seeking to expand their fields of spirituality and intimacy through one-on-one review of your personal patterns and stories that are either hindering you or supporting you in your spiritual growth.

For those really thorny issues that need a little magic and sacred support, I also specialize in ritual and ceremony to release, reset, and remagnetize your work.

I want you alive in your life and work, because your work and the world need you now more than ever.