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Gravitus Performance Insoles

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Gravitus Performance insoles is a full service orthotics lab with more than 30 years of experience treating athletes, seniors, diabetics, teachers, nurses, waitresses, construction, factory workers and military personnel. If you're having ankle, knee, hip and/or lower back issues - Gravitus Insoles can help!

So, what makes Gravitus so unique and a step ahead of other orthotic labs? We specialize in identifying structural and biomechanical asymmetries between the right and left side. Most repetitive impact injuries come from excessive internal or external rotation of the lower extremity. At Gravitus we identify the imbalance and address it with biomechanical correction pads once determined if it is the rear foot, mid foot or forefoot. Gravitus Performance Insoles provides a comprehensive biomechanics analysis system where I look at lower back, hips, knees, feet and ankles - but I also ask about lifestyle, occupation, activities and nutritional needs.

I never dreamed my path would take me into a field where I’d be working with feet – but that became my field of study once I understood the dramatic influence that feet have over the rest of the body.