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Mile High Natural Awakenings

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Holistic Life Dentistry

8204 S. Kipling Parkway
Suite 160
Littleton, CO 80127

This is YOUR story! We're just here to help you! We will spend one on one time with you to find out your individual needs and desires! I will be your guide (after all, doctors are teachers!) You're already living a holistic life. Why should your teeth be any different! It's so simple! I want to help you achieve your health and wellness goals and assist you in your best smile and best self! Come see me (Dr. Jamie Greear-Schmidt and staff) at Holistic Life Dentistry today!! What is holistic dentistry? How do we do things different? ​ No fluoride! We don't push fluoride on you or your children. (After all, studies show it to be neurotoxic.) We believe there are other nontoxic ways to achieve strong healthy teeth and gums! ​ Ozone! We use a charged form of oxygen for many different applications. We clean the teeth deep into the tubules so we seal out pathogenic bacteria (so we're not sealing them in and allowing cavities to form underneath our restorations.) ​ We avoid toxins commonly used in conventional dentistry such as bpa, mercury based amalgams and metal crowns. (After all, who wants endocrine disruptors and toxic heavy metals in their mouths?) ​ We remove your mercury fillings safely, so you're not swallowing, inhaling and potentially absorbing large amounts of mercury into your body! We use protective barriers, oxygen supplies and special suctions to keep you as safe as possible...following the most stringent protocols put into place by the IAOMT, called the SMART protocol! Check it out more on for more information. ​ Extractions: We never like to lose teeth, but if it is needed, we do it as atraumatically as possible. We use ozone to clean the socket to attain good blood flow (blood and oxygen heal!) once the tooth is removed and scrape the socket and pdl well to try to avoid cavitations. We will also soon be offering PRF with extractions (which we use your own blood and healing factors to promote healing and prevent infection.) With PRF, we used your own blood and stem cells inside the socket and as a membrane instead of artificial or animal parts to help heal! ​ We can check for sensitivities using the Clifford test to make sure all materials used will be biocompatible for you! ​ Non or minimally invasive dentistry...shaving down less enamel and use of ozone in an effort to avoid root canals. ​ Metal free implant options (zirconia) ​ Lasers used for gum disease ​ Ozone for pain management and infection control ​ Soothing stress free environment and a caring and helpful doctor and staff ​ Treating you (body, mind and soul) as a whole (not just your teeth) AND SO MUCH MORE!