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Mile High Natural Awakenings


Through our website, print magazine, SEO partners, and e-newsletters, we can promote your company to Denver’s most desirable readers. Multiple advertising opportunities allow you to build and maintain your brand’s presence within your target market of health-conscious individuals. Through inspiring print content and a dynamic, community website, Natural Awakenings helps you:

·       Maximize Reach

·       Optimized for Search

·       Drive Engagement

·       Build Relationships

·       Gain More Customers

Get in touch with us to learn more about creative marketing solutions to help grow your business! The Due Date for our print issue is the 5th of the prior month. (EG Sept 5th for Oct issue.)

General Mailbox: Publish (at) or 303-770-1981

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Doug Zerbarini & Terry Chriswell
Terry (at)
Doug (at) 

Phone 303-770-1981 
Publish (at)
P.O. Box 36271, Lakewood, CO 80236

“Natural Awakenings magazine is the only advertising I use for my practice other than word of mouth referrals and it has brought us new patients consistently especially now that we advertise monthly. The quality of the leads is great and we really enjoy helping the holistic minded patient. Terry is great to work with and truly wants to see the business succeed. We plan on always advertising with Natural Awakenings and expanding our presence in the magazine. I highly recommend this publication.” - Cate Vieregger, DDS, Vibrance Dentistry

“I have spent 3 years trying every print media available on the Front Range in order to get local attention and sales. Natural Awakenings was the first and only venue that showed instant and continuous pay-back. Natural Awakenings worked so well that I’ve expanded my campaign with them twice and will continue to grow with it. Doug and Terry are not just helpful, they are an integral part of the magazine as they represent your best interests and work tirelessly to provide the most effective exposure for the products and the company. This is truly a cornerstone publication for any advertising portfolio.” - Steven Frank, Founder, Nature’s Rite LLC

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